The Binghamton University Equestrian Team is a club sport based off-campus at Cold Spring Farm (Chenango Bridge, NY), approximately 10 minutes from campus.  We are a competitive team that participates in Zone 2, Region 1 of the IHSA, one of the largest regions in the northeast. Lessons, shows, and club participation are integral to being a team member. Riders who are interested are more than welcome to evaluation in the beginning of the fall semester.

For additional information about the club, visit their web site at http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=binghamtonequestrian.

Visit the club on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/binghamton.equestrian?fref=ts


  • 2014: Team finishes 5th overall in the Region....  Regional Finishes- Danielle Moraski places 7th for the Cacchione Cup; Rachel Mandelbaum places 2nd in Walk-Trot and qualifies for Zone Competition;  Annie McHugh places 3rd in Intermediate Fences;

    Michelle Hertzberg places 5th in Novice Flat; Karlee Ansons places 5th in Walk-Trot-Canter; Amelia Greene places 6th in Intermediate Flat;  Sarah Land places 6th Novice Flat.

  • 2013: 4th Overall Team Finish in Zone 2, Region 1...  Kathleen McHugh places 5th overall in the Cacchione Cup...  National Finishes- Marissa Langett receives Honorable Mention in Walk-Trot....  Zone Finishes- Marissa Langett places 2nd in Walk-Trot; Mollie McAdams places 5th in Walk-Trot...  Regional Finishes- Mollie McAdams places 1st in Walk-Trot and is the Regional Champion; Marissa Langett places 2nd in Walk-Trot; Amelia Greene places 4th in Intermediate Fences; Kathleen McHugh places 5th in Open Flat.
  • 2012: Katie McHugh- Regional Qualifier for Intermediate Flat and Fences... Kristen Voorhees- Regional Qualifier for Novice Flat and Fences... Michelle Yoffee- Regional Qualifier for Walk-Trot-Canter... Frank Torres- Regional Qualifier for Novice Fences... Amelia Greene- Regional Qualifier for Novice Flat.
  • 2011:  Binghamton Equestrian places 4th overall for the first time in history!... Lindsay Knott- Open over Fences Regional qualifier, qualified for Zones, placed 4th at Zones. Over all 3rd in Open Rider standings...  Alena Ferrigno- Regional Qualifier Intermediate Flat and Fences... Sara Mallon: Regional Novice over Fences qualifier.
  • 2010: Binghamton Equestrian places 5th as a team and is in the ribbons for the first time in team history!...  Lindsay Knott- Region 3 Open Flat Reserve Champion, qualifying for Zones, Open over Fences 3rd, qualifying for Zones, placed 7th on the flat and 8th over fences at Zones. Placed 3rd overall in Open Rider standings.... Kathleen McHugh- Novice fences regional qualifier, placed 4th at Regionals... Alena Ferrigno- Novice Flat Regional qualifier, placed 6th at Regionals...  Samantha Zimmer- Intermediate Flat Regional qualifier... Kristen Voorhees- Walk Trot Canter Regional qualifier... Lauren Web- Walk Trot Regional qualifier and Reserve Champion.
  • 2009: Kelly Palmer- 4th place at Regionals in Intermediate over Fences... Ali Levy- Regional qualifier in Open flat 7th over all Open rider... Alicia Kobiscia- Walk Trot Regional qualifier and reserve Champion- qualified for zones, placed 4th at Zones...  Alena Ferrigno- Walk Trot Canter Regional qualifier, placed- 3rd at Regionals, placed 5th at Zones... Overall Team places 7th. 
  • 2007: Team Places 3rd in Open Fences at Regions.
  • 2007: Open Rider: 4th place team finish in Zone2/ Region 3.
  • 2007: Open Rider: 3rd place team finish in Zone 2/ Region 3.
  • 2007: Rachel Peach- Novice Fences at Regional Championship. 
  • 2007: Ali Levy- Intermediate Fences Reserve Champion.
  • 2006: Kelly Palmer- Reserve High Point Team at Skidmore College.

IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association)

Club Co-Presidents:
Annie McHugh (amchugh1@binghamton.edu) Mollie McAdams   (mmcadam1@binghamton.edu)

Mimi Penfield (mimipenfield@yahoo.com)

Fall 2014 Meetings
Meeting Type Date Time Location
 GIM  Wednesday 9/3 10 p.m.  East Gym- Classroom 18 
Mandatory Team Monday 9/8  8 p.m.  East Gym- Classroom 18 
 Skill Evaluation- Day 1 Saturday 9/13  TBA  Cold Spring Farm (Chenango Bridge, NY) 
 Skill Evaluation- Day 2 Sunday 9/14  TBA  Cold Spring Farm (Chenango Bridge, NY) 


Fall 2014 Practice Information
Day Time Location 1st Practice Start Date 
 TBA based on individual member lesson schedule  TBA Cold Spring Farm (Binghamton, NY) After Skill Evaluations

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