Club Sports

Binghamton University offers participation in a number of club sports for all students. Club sports are student organizations that have been formed by individuals who are motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a particular sport. More specifically, club sports are formed so the participants on each team can learn new skills, improve existing skills, become more educated about fitness and health, engage in competition, and enjoy recreational and social fellowship.

Club Sports are chartered, sponsored and funded by the Student Association and governed by a constitution (pdf, 80kb). However, they are administered through the Department of Campus Recreational Services, which reports to the Division of Student Affairs.

Full time professional staff help oversee and assist club leaders with all aspects of managing club sports. This gives club sports a benefit that very few student organizations have to help them be successful.

Club sports are arranged into three categories: recreational; recreational with a limited competitive component and competitive. Recreational clubs meet on an average of once a week and participate with other members of the club.  Recreational clubs with a limited competitive component meet on an average of three times per week and compete against other colleges and universities.  Competitive clubs meet as often as two or three times a week to everyday of the week. In addition, they compete against other colleges and universities in both leagues and tournaments. Some of the more competitive clubs have the possibility of post season play and regional and national championships. Most of these clubs have an instructor who assists in supervision, strategy and skill development. Travel to and from a tournament, contest, or event is by personal car, University vans, or rental vans. All travel schedules, budgets, fundraising, facilities, purchasing and day-to-day operations are again run and approved through the Office of Intramurals and Club Sports.

All participants are responsible for submitting a completed registration form before taking part in any or all of the club sports. Club sports are voluntary and participation is at a personal risk. Students are to follow the University handbook on expectations and conduct. Although club sports offer the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level in sports, they are neither affiliated financially with nor overseen by the Athletics Department. If you are interested in joining a Club Sport, please contact the Club Sports Office or the club president. To learn more information about a club or the club president's name and contact information, visit the club descriptions page.

Last Updated: 3/3/15