Group Exercise Classes

Wellness Services offers numerous programs geared to both men and women of all fitness levels, taught by certified Binghamton University students. Our enthusiastic and dedicated instructors are here to encourage you to meet your fitness goals, teaching classes at the intermediate level and showing modifications as needed. They provide a safe, fun, and effective program that targets cardiovascular fitness, muscle toning, and flexibility.

We offer an array of exciting Group Exercise classes certain to get your body moving! Group Exercise classes are included in FitSpace memberships or you may purchase a Group Exercise Only membership.

Use the Group Exercise Key Chart below to find the right class for you!

Beginner: Participants who are just beginning to workout and/or prefer lower impact on their joints.
Intermediate: Participants who currently workout 2 or more times per week and are used to group exercise language.
Advanced: Participants who exercise 4 or more times per week consistently, are used to different group exercise formats, and/or wish to cross-train.



8 Minute Intervals
Intermediate, Advanced
Kickbox it up a notch, 8 minutes at a time! This is a high energy interval class – 8 minutes of kickboxing alternated with 8 minutes of strength training, back to 8 minutes of kickboxing…. You can do it, we will help!


Absolute Abs
Intermediate, Advanced
Our15-minute absolute abs class is designed to compliment your existing cardiovascular workout. Come get motivated with the group while performing a variety of core strengthening exercises. Results guaranteed!


Athletes Challenge
Intermediate, Advanced
If you don’t want to miss a muscle try this class! This energetic non stop workout will leave you with your heart pounding and your muscles saying "wow"!


Boot Camp
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Talk about a major portion of fun!! The instructors will mix a variety of exercise styles and equipment into this class creating a combination of endurance and strength training for a cardiovascular and muscular challenge.


Muscle Max
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Are you looking to strengthen and sculpt your body? Then this is the class for you! Muscle Max offers an hour of strength training activities using body weight, hand weights, tubes, bands, and the ball for resistance.


On The Ball
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Work outs are better on the ball-come find out for your self! This strength training class will challenge your whole body-head to toe, with the core getting extra attention. Bands and weights will also be used.


Pilates, Core & More
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Tone your body from the inside out! Increase body awareness, improve your posture and develop strong, long, lean muscles using your own body weight as resistance.


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
This unique class combines Pilates, Yoga, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance all in an up beat, fun format. You’ll feel great after this challenging workout!


Power Yoga
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
You’ll love the way you feel after this dynamic yoga inspired class. Power Yoga includes strength training using your own body weight, stretching and breathing. It’s a perfect addition to a cardiovascular workout.


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Spinning is for everybody, not just the “hard core” athlete. Although enthusiastic athletes enjoy this workout, we have found that men and women of all ages, abilities and fitness levels enjoy SPINNING. The class is a non-impact, individually paced, non-competitive, group training system designed for all riders and fitness levels, using spinning bikes, music and visualization techniques to motivate each participant towards their own unique goals. The instructors will get your heart pumping with three different Training Energy Zones: Endurance, Interval, and Strength, or a combination of all three!

  1. Endurance: focuses on challenging the cardiovascular system simulating all terrains.
  2. Interval: simulates all terrain riding such as hills and flats, along with jumps.
  3. Strength: involves heavier resistance simulating climbing hills while pedaling at a consistent pace.


Sports Conditioning
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Get ready for an all new functional training program designed to improve core muscular strength/endurance, stability mobility, and definition. Non stop movement will cycle between innovative drills and exercises for greater fitness effectiveness.


Step and Strengthen
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Nothing gets the heart pumping better than step! In this interval class, you will step, sweat, strengthen, stretch and be satisfied!


Step Up Challenge
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Step into this action packed, whole body workout that incorporates easy to follow step combinations with strength training and drills that integrate weights and bands to challenge you to your next fitness level.


Intermediate, Advanced
This class definitely lives up to its name! Sweatshop is the ultimate cardio and strength challenge, mid to high intensity, making the most of kicking, squatting, punching, shuffling, lifting, jumping; and intense plyometrics.


TGIF H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training)
Intermediate, Advanced
Get your work out in before you go out! This intense workout will strengthen and tone all your major muscles! You will feel the HEAT!


Yoga Pilates
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Move from inside out infusing yoga, Pilates, dance, and gymnastic type moves along with breathing techniques to enhance your overall strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Great for your mind, body and spirit!



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Last Updated: 5/8/15