Renovation FAQs


Is the project on schedule? When will the building reopen?

Yes, construction on the renovation project is on schedule. The building will reopen for spring semester in January 2012, with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony the weekend students return for the spring semester (January 28-29). Watch for information on tours and opening week free trials!


What will the hours of the Rec Center be?

The Rec Center hours will be expanded to better meet the need and interests of participants. The hours will be 5:45 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. weekdays, 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m.-8 p.m. on Sunday during the academic year. We're also making a commitment to more hours during summer and intercession times.


Will more equipment be available?

The fitness area, FitSpace, will be approximately 2.5 times the size of the old one and will be filled with new equipment. The equipment plan includes 64 cardio machines with entertainment options, two selectorized circuits with 32 stations and a larger free weight area with 40 stations. The fitness floor layout will allow for stretching, functional training and follow ADA guidelines offering better access to machines for everyone. Almost all of the equipment will be new and 100 percent of it will be less than 3 years old − a major change from before the renovation when only one third of the equipment was less than 5 years old.


Will there be membership fees for FitSpace again?

When the Recreation Center reopens in January 2012, fitness memberships will be reinstated for access to FitSpace as well as to all group fitness classes. We will offer a discounted rate until November 30 for students, faculty and staff who sign-up early before being able to see the facility. A full listing of membership rates is available online.


Will students, faculty and staff have access to the Rec Center and Open Recreation activities?

All students pay a mandatory Recreation Fee which grants them full access to the Recreation Center and Open Recreation activities during posted hours. Faculty and staff will be granted access to enter the Rec Center on weekdays from 5:45am to 12:30pm for morning and lunchtime Open Recreation activities. Faculty and staff who want Rec Center access during other times must purchase a Rec Only membership.


Will alumni, spouses and community members be able to join?

Yes. All-inclusive Fitness memberships will be available so that Alumni, spouses and community members can join the facility if they wish. These memberships will go on sale December 1 and will need to be completed in-person at the Recreation Office. Members will be issued a University ID card and have access to the entire facility at any time it is open, including to the much larger FitSpace, group fitness classes, courts, pools and locker rooms. Members will also receive discounted rates for services not included in the membership fee, such as children's swim lessons and wellness services like massage & personal training.


How was the new membership fee structure developed?

The student membership fees were developed in consultation with students. Membership fees for faculty and staff are approximately 25 percent lower than other local, comprehensive clubs. Community rates are comparable to local, comprehensive clubs.


Can I sign-up online?

Yes. All current students, faculty and staff can purchase fitness memberships and half lockers online.  Students, faculty and staff will need their PODS login as well as a credit card to complete the transaction.


Will there be more court space?

No. While the renovations will greatly expand spaces for our fitness and wellness program, they do not address our increasing demand for court space. The courts are being completely renovated but will not be any bigger. The bleachers will be permanently removed and new floor will be put down, in addition to general updating of the entire space. When the renovation is completed open recreation activities will return to the East Gym, but Intramural leagues will still take place in the West Gym.


Will there be expanded programming as well?

Yes. When we reopen, we'll be able to bring back some of the programming that we've been unable to offer in our temporary locations, like children's swim lessons and some of our other wellness classes. In all, we'll be offering about 100 group fitness classes each week in our renovated facility, with a greater commitment to morning and lunchtime programs, a greater variety of classes, expanded aquatics programming and classes designed for mature fitness enthusiasts.

We'll also have a completely new wellness services suite with three private consultation rooms and we'll be offering a variety of services like massage, personal training appointments and other wellness based services.


What can we expect when we walk in the front door?

There will be one central, front counter to service everyone, whether they're swiping in, checking out equipment, registering for a class or purchasing a membership. Members will be able to see much of what we have available from the front lobby − directly into the courts and the fitness center, as well as into the pool area.


Will there be more job opportunities for students?

Yes. There will more job opportunities available for building staff that work in the pool, fitness areas and wellness suite, as well as at the service counters throughout the facility.


Will any fitness equipment be left in the University Union?

No. FitSpace will remain open in its temporary location until December 16, 2011. After that the spaces that we've been using in the Union will revert back to other uses.


What will be available over January Intersession?

Current recreational programming will go on as scheduled until December 16, 2011. After that, the department will move all offices and equipment to the Rec Center at the East Gym. The Rec Center will open its doors for use on Saturday, January 28, 2012 for the start of the spring semester. Because of the large amount time it will take to set-up the equipment and prepare the facility for opening, no recreational programming will be offered over the January intersession in the University Union, West Gym or East Gym.

Last Updated: 8/8/16