ACCORD (Non-profit)
30 West State Street | Binghamton, NY 13901   [view map]

ACCORD is a nonprofit, community dispute resolution center dedicated to serving the Southern Tier of New York since 1982. For over 24 years we have helped individuals, families & organizations discover solutions that are mutually agreeable and enduring. We offer a variety of mediation services: divorce, family, school, elder, small claims, lemon law, community,and special education. The Voices for Children/CASA program is another part of our organization. CASAs are trained volunteers assigned by a Family Court judge who advocate for abused or neglected children in our community.

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Joy Lewis (Outreach Specialist)


607-724-5153 x 307

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30 West State Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

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Kacey Ellsworth (Director)


607-724-5153 x 303

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