Art Mission and Theater (Non-profit)
61 Prospect Ave | Binghamton, NY 13901   [view map]
The ART Mission and Theater is a non-profit downtown community art and cinema space supporting contemporary artists and independent film for a growing public. Our Mission is “Growth in Greater Binghamton through Arts Experience.” We provide access to an expanding program of arts disciplines. The Cinema program screens independent films daily and we provide exhibition space for new and established artists in the Gallery program.
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Current Projects
Graphic Design Internship [08/01/2013 - 05/01/2015]
61 Propsect Ave.
Binghamton, NY 13901
Marketing Intern [08/01/2014 - 05/01/2015]
61 Prospect
Binghamton, NY 13901
Projectionist/Theater Assistant [02/01/2015 - 12/01/2015]
61 Prospect Ave
Binghamton, NY 13901
61 Prospect Ave.
Binghamton, NY 13901
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