Binghamton University HEALS 

HEALS (Health Engagement Advocates in Local Communities) is a community health initiative started by the Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement. HEALS's goals are twofold: 1) expand access to community-based learning experiences for students interested in health-related academic fields and 2) provide University support to the numerous community organizations already working to provide health-related resources and assitance to the Binghamton and Broome County communities.

The state of health in Broome County

Broome County currently ranks 56 of 62 counties in New York state based on average length and quality of life, and 43 of 62 based on social and economic factors affecting community health — unemployment, childhood poverty, income inequality, single-parent households, etc. (2016 County Health Rankings and Roadmap). While there is obviously much room for improvement, many local community organizations and agencies are working hard to improve our community's overall health. Students interested in health-related fields can find a number of ways to aid in this effort while getting valuable professional experience.

Last Updated: 3/28/17