For Graduate Students

So you've chosen graduate school. Now what?

Here's a timeline to guide your progress:

Points to remember

Now is the time to:

  • Think about and fine tune your professional identity
  • Join professional associations, present at conferences and network in the chosen field
  • Make the transition from student to professional

Graduate Students

Searching, interviewing, accepting, success!

  • Update your resume and visit OCIP to have it critiqued
  • Begin to develop your curriculum vitae (CV) if you have publications
  • Seek out assistantships and internships in your chosen focus
  • Develop an employer prospect list with contact names and addresses from organizations you are interested in pursuing
  • Gather information on realistic salary expectations. OCIP will be able to help.
  • Attend professional conferences to meet potential employers
  • Draft a cover letter that can be adapted for a variety of employers and have it critiqued
  • Participate in interviewing workshops and practice interviews
  • Read two or more professional or trade publications from your major and career field on a regular basis
  • Make appointments to talk to appropriate faculty about career planning
  • Attend alumni/student events
  • Follow up on all applications and keep a record of the status of each
  • Go on second interviews
  • Evaluate job offers and accept one
  • Report all job offers and your acceptance to OCIP


Last Updated: 7/24/15