The Center for Applied Community Research and Development works with public, governmental and non-profit agencies in many ways. Partnerships are developed for research projects that provide valuable information to the agencies, while also providing the basis for Binghamton University faculty to publish research results. These partnerships work at the organizational level, as well as at the individual level and help all partners evolve and mature. You’ll find information on the myriad initiatives CACRD is involved in here.

Network and Complexity Initiative

Networks are important to both individuals and organizations. At the individual level, networks provide social support. At the organizational level, they provide services and facilitate information sharing, problem solving and capacity building. | Learn more.

The Nonprofit Initiative

Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in meeting the needs of residents of Broome County and across New York State. As the nonprofit sector has grown, organizations have faced many performance challenges, such as generating resources, designing effective programs and developing necessary infrastructure. The Nonprofit Organizations Initiative is a research and capacity building effort concerned with learning about and developing solutions to these and other important challenges facing the nonprofit sector in our region. | Learn more.

Last Updated: 9/3/14