The Nonprofit Initiative

About Us

Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in meeting the needs of residents of Broome County and across New York State. As the nonprofit sector has grown, organizations have faced many performance challenges, such as generating resources, designing effective programs and developing necessary infrastructure. The Nonprofit Organizations Initiative is a research and capacity building effort concerned with learning about and developing solutions to these and other important challenges facing the nonprofit sector in our region.

The Initiative is led by faculty from the Department of Public Administration in Binghamton University’s College of Community and Public Affairs. This group, along with other interested faculty, and graduate students have experience as both nonprofit practitioners and researchers. We actively seek to partner with others in meeting the wide range of capacity building and performance challenges facing the nonprofit sector. We encourage you to contact us.


There is a growing need for applied research on nonprofit organization development, capacity and performance. Nonprofit Organizations Initiative staff are currently working on research involving:

  • The creation and development of new organizations in response to emerging community needs.
  • The role of different philanthropic vehicles (foundations, donor advised funds) in supporting charitable work in our community.

Training & Executive Education

The Nonprofit Organizations Initiative provides training and education opportunities for professional and board leaders in local organizations. Our staff have provided training on a wide range of topics, including governance, volunteer management, collaboration and others.

Community Projects

As university staff we work to blend the value of technical skills, ideas and research to help improve community decision-making, policymaking and management. Community project work is an important priority for us and we seek to provide opportunities to work together with students and local leaders and citizens and learn from their experience. Current and recent projects include:

  • Technical assistance with the development of the South Central New York Executive Directors Group (
  • Conducting competitive analyses, environmental scans and strategic planning assistance for local nonprofit organizations.

Project Leader

David Campbell
Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration
Experience: Senior manager at major nonprofit organizations in New York City and Cleveland

Interests: Capacity building, nonprofit mergers, organization creation and development, the role of foundations in the nonprofit sector, strategy development


The 21st Century Potential of Constituency Voice (573k .pdf)

Last Updated: 9/3/14