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The Center for Applied Community Research and Development (CACRD) is a research center that can provide an avenue for students to gain hands-on experience through service-learning projects and internships. These projects or internships might find students working with individuals or organizations off campus, or directly with Binghamton University faculty. Students interested in pursuing research through these kinds of activities can learn more by clicking on one of the links above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Center for Applied Community Research and Development?

The Center for Applied Community Research and Development (CACRD) – a research center founded, staffed and hosted by Binghamton University – connects the University and individuals and organizations seeking community-based research partnerships. The CACRD goal is to create symbiotic relationships where community organizations benefit from the University's resources while providing fertile ground for publishable research. The knowledge embodied in each group benefits the other for the greater good of all.

How can I participate in CACRD?

As a student, there are several ways in which you may participate in CACRD activities. You may intern at a community organization, participate in a service learning project in one of your classes or even be funded by a graduate research assistantship.

How do I apply for a graduate research assistantship?

When specific assistantships are available because of grant-funded activity, they will be posted above. However, we will be happy to keep your resume on file. E-mail it to Pam Mischen with a cover letter that includes your research interests and your expected graduation date.

Last Updated: 9/3/14