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cassandra bransford

Cassandra Bransford

Associate Professor & Director of Applied Clinical Research, Southern Tier Center on Aging

Office: (607) 777-9165
Office Location: Downtown Center, Room #321
Fax: (607) 777-5683


Dr. Cassandra Bransford (Associate Professor of Social Work) has extensive expertise in clinical social work practice, including over 26 years experience as a psychiatric social worker. She currently serves as the Director of Applied Clinical Research for the Southern Tier Center for Aging and she has received numerous grants for her research including a Specialized Gerontology Program Grant from the Hartford Foundation. Dr. Bransford's research interests include: attachment-based practice approaches, depression in older adults with cognitive impairment, social work practice theory, authority in social work practice, and critical social work. Dr. Bransford received her MSW from SUNY Albany and her PhD in Social Work Advanced Practice from Columbia University.

Educational Background

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Current Research Interests

Selected Publications


Bransford, C.L. (2008).  Becoming a caseworker.  New York: LearningExpress, LLC.

Peer- Reviewed Articles

Bransford, C.L.,&  Choi, S. (2012). Using Interpersonal Psychotherapy to reduce depression among home-bound elders: A service-learning research collaboration. Best Practices in Mental Health: An International Journal (in press).

Bransford, C.L. (2011), Integrating critical consciousness into direct social work practice: A pedagogical view.  Social Work Education (in press).

Bransford, C.L. (2011).  Reconciling paternalism and empowerment in clinical practice: An intersubjective perspective.  Social Work, 66(1), 33-41.

Bransford, C.L. (2009).  Process-centered group supervision.  Clinical Social Work Journal, 37(2), 119-127.

Bransford, C.L. (2006).  The use of critical ethnography in managed mental health care settings.  Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 33(4), 153-170.

Bransford, C.L. (2006).  The exercise of authority of social workers in a managed mental health care organization: A critical ethnography.  Journal of Progressive Human Services, 17(2), 63-85.

Bransford, C.L. (2006).  The authorization and de-authorization of individual social workers in a small group.  Social Work with Groups, 29(1), 45-62.

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Bransford, C.L., & Bakken, T. (2001). Organization theory and the utilization of authority in social work. Social Work and Social Sciences Review, 9 (1), 5-21.



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