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Other positions related to major

Auditor, Management Accountant, Financial Representative, Underwriter, Loan office Administrator, IRS investigator, IRM Consultant, FBI Agent, Commodities trader, Consumer Credit Officer, International trade,  Controller, Bank Examiner, Production Manager, Business Teacher, Industrial transportation, Systems Analyst, Professor, Public Accountant, Commercial banker, Estate planner, Budget accountant, Securities broker, Stock broker, Treasurer, Student affairs manager, Financial aid director, Employment agency counselor, Tax lawyer, Tax specialist


  • Public Accounting Firms:Large, Multinational, Regional, Local
  • Sole practitioners
  • Private/Government
  • Banks
  • Financial services industry

Preliminary Exams

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Transferable Skills

Communication, Problem solving, Teamwork, Computer skills, Adapt well to frequent change, Numerical computation, Logical thinking, Critical thinking, Work independently, Analyze and Interpret data

Last Updated: 8/11/16