Department of History at Binghamton University

Transferable Skills:

  • Ability to explain and present ideas succinctly and clearly.
  • Discussing history with the various aspects that created it will allow students to be able to explain in less technical terms. Discussion in a way practices teaching skills as it simplifies complicated situations to its must-know facts. They learn to communicate ideas effectively.
  • Knowledge of the past events of various countries will allow for better understand of current actions. This can be helpful if dealing with international personnel.
  • Possesses a broad background of general knowledge - If you remember the topics in the classes you've taken
  • Research for papers hones skimming skills to gain a basic knowledge of a new field as to establish a foundation for future learning in the same field.
  • The ability to remember many facts and how they are related is essential to earning good grades. This practice will be helpful for the future in working in fields where they need to learn new material and must be able to apply it while speaking with others.
  • The history field makes students take into account all aspects to what leads to an event. They are taught to think about all the factors that lead to an outcome and to weigh each of its effects. This will make the student detail oriented when working on projects.
  • The writing of papers will allow students to practice writing a clear argument with coherent organization. Practice will allow them to be able to directly answer the question asked rather than how many times people answer that they think is being asked.
  • Understanding of past events can lead to better understanding of cultures as culture and tradition can dictate how a nation acts. Students gain insight into world events.


  • Arts and humanities councils
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Court systems
  • Departments of state government
  • Legislative agencies
  • Libraries
  • Municipal archives
  • Municipalities
  • Museums, parks, and historic sites
  • School districts
  • Townships


Last Updated: 8/11/16