Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development Staff  

Kelli K. Smith, PhD , Director, University Career Services 
Robyn Henderson, Assistant to the Director

Bill McCarthy, Associate Director
Lisa Singer, Assistant to the Associate Director

Eileen Bauer-Hagerbaumer, Assistant Director for Employer Relations
Kathie Boice, Employer Services Specialist
Francis Borrego, Career Counselor
Lisa Court, 4-1-1 Internship Program Officer
Wren Fritsky, Career Counselor
Holly Horn, Assistant Director for Career Development
Erin Jennings, CCPDI Internship Advisor | JC Mentor Program Coordinator
Terri Kilcy, Career Information & Office Support
Emily Love, International Student Employment Consultant
Wendy Neuberger, Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE) Coordinator
Laura O'Neill, Academic Internship Programs Coordinator
Brandy Smith, Recruiting Coordinator

Last Updated: 7/23/14