CDCI 200, Bridging Academics to Careers: Exploring Opportunities in a Global Society

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The goal of this course is to guide you in creating a meaningful and purposeful plan to prepare for your future career while getting the most out of your college experience. This course is ideal for first year students, sophomores, or juniors who either have yet to declare a major, or who are having second thoughts about their current majors and are experiencing overall uncertainty about their career direction.

This online course is taught almost entirely through Blackboard, with one required day in New York City to attend two employer site visits on June 22, 2016, with the instructors.

    • Earn two credits
    • Satisfies "W" requirement
    • Summer Session 2016 - May 31-July 1

    • CDCI 200.01 Lexie Avery
    • CDCI 200.02 Emily Love
    • CDCI 200.04 Dara Riegel
  • Register through BU Brain: CDCI 200

 Mandatory Employer Visits in NYC

All CDCI 200 sections will attend:

  • A morning and afternoon employer visit on June 22, 2016, to A&E Network and to Mount Sinai Hospital

Course Overview and Objectives

Through online discussion, a day spent in New York City at employer visits, a series of activities including career assessments, conducting informational interviews, and researching major and careers, you are encouraged to:
  • Build knowledge about self, academic majors, and careers by engaging in a variety of activities and experiences.
  • Learn strategies for setting career and life goals, and how to use experiential learning to enhance those strategies.
  • Identify and integrate personal history, interests, values, skills, and personality style to assist in career decision making in the context of a complex global society.
  • Understand how career assessments and other interventions are used to facilitate career decision making.
  • Gain information about careers, majors, professionalism, and decision making through the use of campus resources as well as field and online research.
  • Learn about workplace trends to enhance current and future career decision making.

* We will all meet in NYC on the specified days and times. 

Required Course Materials

  • Hanvey, Heeg, Kreitl, Lloyd, & Yarnelle (2010). Ready or Not: Beginning Your Career Journey.
  • Online modules (through Blackboard)

For more information on the course please contact course instructors:

Lexie Avery

Emily Love

Dara Riegel

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