Long Term Employment Options for International Students

Federal regulations require that practical training or academic training end at the conclusion of the authorized period. However, a student in F-1 status (or a student in J-1 status who is not subject to a two-year physical presence requirement) may continue to be employed, provided that a petition and change of status application are filed with and approved by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Such a petition is usually filed for H-1B (Temporary Worker) status. The H-1B status is valid for up to six years, and is intended for professional employment. The application process can take several months, and legal assistance with the filing of the application may be helpful. For more information on H-1B visas.

IMPORTANT REMINDER--Always contact Binghamton University's International Student and Scholars Services office to clarify your employment eligibility in the U.S. Understanding your employment options will help you make sound decisions as you implement your job search. This understanding will also enable you to successfully explain, during your interview, how you will be able to obtain work authorization in the U.S. to the employer with whom you are interviewing.


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Last Updated: 3/24/14