On-Campus Recruiting

Employer Policies & Procedures for Campus Recruiting
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Driving Directions to Campus
Campus Map and Directions (336.5kb pdf)
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When interviewing occurs: Fall on campus recruiting runs from early October to mid-November and Spring on campus recruiting runs from mid-February to mid-April.

To schedule a visit: Contact Employer Services at hirebing@binghamton.edu.

How it works: Your organization and position are posted on hireBING and Employer Services establishes a deadline date by which interested students must apply online. After the deadline passes, you view, print, and prescreen candidate resumes, make candidate selections and forward those names to Employer Services via fax or email. Employer Services then establishes interview schedules, notifies students of selection, and assists students in scheduling interviews times on hireBING.

Important Interviewing Information

Information Sessions
Schedule an information session in conjunction with an on campus recruiting visit or as a preliminary way to introduce your organization and opportunities to Binghamton students.

Information sessions can be scheduled, based on room availability. Once a specific room is assigned, if catering is an option in the room and is desired, the organization must contact Sodexo Campus Services directly to place a catering order or to cancel an order. All catering requests require a 75% deposit of the complete order prior to scheduling catering for an Information session. The balance will be billed the next business day following the event. Failure to cancel a catering order within 24 hours of the scheduled event will result in the organization being billed for the catering order. To schedule an Information session, contact Employer Services at hirebing@binghamton.edu. Once the Information session is scheduled, contact Sodexo Campus Services at 607-777-2925 to place a catering order.

Tabling in University Union
Gain visibility and meet students in a less formal way than a group presentation. Tables may be scheduled from 11am to 4pm Monday-Friday based on availability. Contact Employer Services at hirebing@binghamton.edu.

The University Union's policy on tabling states that failure to show for a scheduled table or failure to cancel with at least 48 hours notice results in the loss of tabling privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Campus Contacts
If you wish to meet with a Binghamton University faculty or staff person, please use the list provided. Contact the person directly to arrange a meeting place and time.

Last Updated: 8/11/16