On Campus Recruiting: Information Sessions & Tabling

Information Sessions
Schedule an information session in conjunction with an on campus interview visit or as a preliminary way to introduce your organization and opportunities to Binghamton students.

Information sessions typically run Monday-Thursday evenings with a start time after 5:00 pm.  Sessions may only be scheduled based on room availability. We cannot guarantee that certain rooms on campus will be available however we will try our best to accommodate your organizations needs.  Once your session is booked with us we will confirm the room assignment with you. 

Providing refreshments at your event:
If catering is desired you must first make sure that the room you are scheduled in has the option to have catering.  There are certain rooms on campus that cannot have catering set up in them.  You can check on this by talking with an Employer Services staff member.  You must contact Sodexho Campus Services directly to place a catering order or to cancel an order. Once the Information session is scheduled and you are sure that the room you are scheduled in is able to have catering, contact Sodexho Campus Services at 607-777-2925.

Audio Visual Equipment:
Many rooms on campus only come equipped with a screen in them.  If your organization will require a TV, DVD Player, Projector, Laptop or PC please make sure to discuss this in advance with an Employer Services Staff member, preferably when you are booking your event.  AV equipment is available for reservation on campus however you must talk about this a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event with an Employer Services Staff member.

Tabling in University Union


Gain visibility and meet students in a less formal way than a group presentation. Tables may be scheduled from 11am to 4pm Monday-Friday based on availability. Contact Employer Services at hirebing@binghamton.edu.

The University Union's policy on tabling states that failure to show for a scheduled table or failure to cancel with at least 48 hours notice results in the loss of tabling privileges for the remainder of the semester. To view all of the policies regarding the University Union please visit: University Union Policies (http://www.binghamton.edu/union/posting-policy.html). Failure to comply with these policies may also result in a loss of tabling privileges.

To schedule an Information session or Tabling Event please contact Employer Services at hirebing@binghamton.edu.  If you are a student group, please contact the union directly.

Last Updated: 8/11/16