Liberal Arts to Careers Externship - Student Information & Application

Be among a small group of Harpur students selected to participate in the Liberal Arts to Careers Externship!

Selected students will be matched with a professional for a shadowing experience over winter break (from end of December through January 27, 2012). Students and sponsors meet a recommended five times over the break, for at least one half day per session. The program is structured to ensure opportunity for success, but flexible to meet the needs of each individual pair. Students will be required to participate in an orientation prior to break. Following orientation, each pair will establish goals for their time together and plan logistics for their shadowing experience. At the conclusion of the shadowing sessions, students and sponsors will participate in an evaluation of the program, which will help identify areas for program improvements.

How will students benefit?

  • Explore careers and work environments and test interests
  • Observe day-to-day activities and ask questions to learn more about a potential career field
  • Understand important competencies needed for career success
  • Gain exposure to the expectations and culture of organizations, as well as workplace dynamics
  • Develop relationships with professionals and build your professional network
  • Acquire marketable skills
  • Learn and practice appropriate business etiquette
  • Apply skills learned in college both in and out of the classroom to real life experiences
  • Make informed choices about electives, internships, minors and other academic options during junior and senior year

How might students spend their time?
The sponsor and student will jointly shape the experience. Depending upon the particular site, you may be a participant, an observer, or both. Activities might include:

  • Observe work being performed by shadowing sponsor and/or co-workers
  • Speak with sponsor about their career field, career path, job responsibilities, experiences
  • Attend staff or committee meetings or presentations
  • Take a tour of the organization
  • Participate in informational interviews with staff members to understand the organization, industry and future trends, and career paths within this field.
  • Attend a training program for new employees
  • Complete or assist with a sampling of work assignment
  • Observe client interactions
  • Have lunch with sponsor and/or co-workers
  • Meet Human Resources staff to understand what they look for in college graduates
  • Meet with Binghamton alumni who work there
  • Meet young, recently hired staff to understand their experiences

What is the application process?
Harpur students in good academic standing with a minimum 2.75 GPA who have completed a minimum of one year of college are eligible to apply. Interested students must complete the online application, email the program coordinator at a well-written resume and one letter of recommendation by 5:00 PM, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2011. Students will be selected based on evaluation of application, resume and letter of recommendation, along with the availability of a sponsor match based on career interest and geographic preference. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Students will not receive academic credit or pay.

The Matching Process
Students will be matched to sponsors based on interests and availability, as well as geographic locations. Preference will be given to sophomores. Students will be notified by NOVEMBER 18, 2011 of their acceptance into the program and will receive information about their sponsor during the mandatory orientation.

Key Dates

  • Student Information Sessions:
    • Wednesday, October 5 4:40-5:40 in UU 206
    • Thursday, October 6, 4:30-5:30 in UU 202
  • Applications due, including resume and letter of recommendation, by 5pm October 28, 2011
  • Student notification of match, by November 18, 2011
  • Externship runs from end of December, 2011 through January 27, 2012
Liberal Arts to Careers Externship is co-sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Harpur College of Arts and Science, the Center for Career and Professional Development and Binghamton University Alumni Association.

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