On the Job

Congratulations on your new job!  You have handled the tough part of finding and applying to jobs and now begins the transition into the real world.  Included in this section are information and resources about handling your new job.

Reasonable Accommodation
Disclosing Your Disability on the Job
Additional Resources

Reasonable Accommodation
If you need reasonable accommodation while on the job, it is important to be a problem-solver in these cases, rather than demanding that your needs be met.  By providing possible solutions, it will show you that you are involved and willing to assist with the process.  Please see the Job Search section for more information on reasonable accommodation.

Disclosing Your Disability on the Job
If your disability does not require accommodation, you may choose to not disclose your disability while on the job.  However, if you choose to disclose your disability, you must be prepared for questions about you or your disability, concerns over how you will perform on the job, or negative comments.  In some cases, your disability may be a visible and you will have no choice in disclosing your disability.

The more comfortable you are with yourself and your disability, the easier it will be to answer questions and put people at ease.  Remember, often, it is ignorance that brings the questions and you can choose or not choose to educate others about it. 

Additional Resources

NYS Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped


Accommodation Links

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

Free online text reader for visually impaired job seekers

Advice and Insight Links

Leadership for the Employment of Americans with Disabilities
Federal Disability Workforce Consortium

Greater Capital Region Human Resource Directory (search by service area)

American Foundation for the Blind

National Organization on Disability

Olmsted Center for Sight


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