Long-Term vs. Short-Term Work Abroad: What's the Difference?

Do you want to work abroad for the summer, or are you interested in working abroad for a year or more? During your international job search you need to take into consideration how long you want to work abroad and model your search accordingly.

Short Term Work and Internships Abroad

Work Abroad Programs:
The easiest way to obtain a job abroad is to go through a program such as BUNAC or Alliances Abroad. If you are a current full-time student, or a recent graduate, then you are eligible for many of these types of programs. For a reasonable fee, these programs provide you with legal working papers in a number of countries, and also provide support services. Information for these programs can be found online:

Internet Resources:
There are many great websites for those interested in travel and work abroad. These are an excellent source for posting questions on message boards and finding support for the international job search. In addition, many job search websites in the US have international sections, such as: monster.com.
Some other websites to try:

Long-Term Work Abroad

There are many international jobs available for college graduates today. An example is Teaching English as a Second Language. There is a job market for this in almost every non-English speaking country in the world, particularly Asia. There are many programs that will pay for your flight and accommodation, and pay you a salary or stipend. Teaching English as a Second Language is a great way to work in another country, as in most places the only requirement is that you speak English! Other suggestions for work overseas include Diplomacy, International Relations, International Education, and International Business. The Fleishman Career Center's Career Library has a number of international titles.

If you are interested in more than just a short-term experience abroad, there are many international careers you may want to pursue. However, to obtain a long-term career overseas, you will need to obtain legal working documents for the country to which you will be traveling. This process can be very easy, or very difficult, depending on your situation.

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Last Updated: 8/11/16