Preparing for Your Interview

The interview is a critical part of the selection process for employment, internships, and many graduate and professional programs and therefore warrants serious thought and preparation. Interviewers nearly always know when a candidate has taken the time to prepare for the interview, rather than relying on personal charm and the ability to talk to make an impression.

The purpose of the interview is to explore a candidate’s interests and qualifications beyond what is provided within the application. But remember, the interview is a two-way process; while the interviewer’s goal is to find the best candidate, the interview is also an opportunity for the candidate to gain insight into the position and organization. Both parties should approach the interview as a conversation and both give and receive information during an interview.

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development has several resources to help you learn about and prepare for your interviews:

  • The Effective Interviewing Quick Reference Guide, in PDF format, will walk you through the interview process and show you ways to prepare for your big day. Includes sample questions that you may be asked, sample questions you may want to ask, and illegal questions.
  • Big Interview online interview practice is available 24 hours a day.
  • The Fleishman Career Center offers a Practice Mock Interview Program each semester with either employers and/or alumni volunteers. Participating in such opportunities is highly recommended by employers!
  • Student applying to be an Orientation Advisor can visit the Preparing for your Orientation Advisor Interview website for more information.

In addition, the Fleishman Career Center periodically offers programs to provide information and tips on interviewing skills. Check the Fleishman Career Center's program calendar for a complete list of half-hour Express Programs and full-length workshops. The Fleishman Career Center also houses many interviewing skills resources in our Career Resource Library. Visit the Fleishman Career Center in UU 133 to check out the resources! We have also collected tips on interviewing success from employers and Binghamton graduates.

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Last Updated: 4/26/17