The Annual CEMERS Workshop Lecture Series and Calendar of Events

Spring 2012

**English Department Lecture**
Tuesday, January 31 at 3:00 pm in LN 2401
Olivia Holmes Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages
“Sex and the City of God: The Metaphor of the Mystical Marriage in Dante’s Divine Comedy.”

Wednesday, February 29 at 3:00 pm in LN 1324C
Angela Haas
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History
“Miraculous Evidence and Historical Negligence: Preserving the Cult of Relics in Eighteenth-Century France.”

Tuesday, March 13 at 3:00 pm in LN 1324C
Samantha Kelly
Associate Professor, Department of History, Rutgers University
“Beyond Prester John: Ethiopia and Europe in the Late Middle Ages.”

Tuesday, March 27 at 3:00 pm in LN 1324C
Nicholas Paul
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Fordham University “Missing Men: Death, Distance, and the Commemorative Crisis of Crusading to the East.”

Wednesday, April 11 at 3:00 pm in LN 1324C
Nancy Um
Associate Professor, Department of Art History
“English Gifts at Mocha: Merchant Tribute and the Social Protocols of Trade in 18th C Coastal Yemen.”

**Annual Ferber Lecture**
Co-sponsored by Art History
Department Thursday, April 26 at 5:30 pm in the Anderson Center Reception Room
Anthony Cutler Evan Pugh Professor
Art History, Pennsylvania State University
“The Empire of Things: Gifts and Gift Exchange Across Byzantium, Early Islam, and the Medieval West.”

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