Spring 2016 Colloquium Program

Location - Science Library, Room - 212

Time – 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM, refreshments 11:30 AM

January 29 Prof. Rena A. S. Robinson
Dept of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh
Thinking Outside of the Brain
in Alzheimer's Disease Using
Proteomics Technology
Wunmi Sadik
February 5 Prof. Gerard Parkin
Dept of Chemistry
Columbia University
Tripodal Ligands in Bioorganic
and Organometallic Chemistry:
Carbon Dioxide Functionalization,
Mercury Detoxification, and
New Cases of Atranes
Sean McGrady
February 12 Prof. Lynden Archer
Dept Chemical and
Biomolecular Engineering
Cornell University
Electrodeposition of Metals In
Nanostructured Electrolytes:
Transport Phenomena
and Stability
Stan Whittingham
February 19 Prof. Gang Wu
Dept of Chemical and
Biological Engineering
University at Buffalo
Large-size Graphene Tube Catalysts for Sustainable Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Nik Dimitrov
February 26 Prof. John B. Parise
Dept of Chemistry
Stony Brook University
Materials Genome:  Theory coupled to in-situ experiments at extreme conditions for materials discovery Sean McGrady
March 4 Dr. Min An
Dept. of Chemistry
Binghamton University
Biosensor of Tumor Acidity with a Built-in Mechanism for Transmembrane Cytoplasmic Drug Delivery Sozanne Solmaz
March 11 Dr. Xiaolan Zhao
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Cancer Center
Zhao Group Website Sozanne Solmaz
March 18 Prof. Alexander Shekhtman
Dept of Chemistry
University at Albany
Structural Biology of RAGE Brian Callahan
March 25 Prof. James A. MacKay
Dept of Chemistry
and Biochemistry
Elizabethtown College
The Design and Synthesis of Molecules for Sensing and Molecular Design Eriks Rozners
April 1   Spring Recess  
April 8 Prof. Robert Crabtree
Dept of Chemistry
Yale University
Organometallic Catalysis for Solar Fuels Formation and Storage

Bi-annual John Eisch Lecturship
Academic Bldg A, Room G008
5:15 pm
Alistair Lees
April 15 Dr. Robert Tycko
National Institute of Health
New Solid State NMR Methods and Applications to Protein Assemblies Wei Qiang
Aprill 22   Passover Break  
April 29 Prof. Paramjit Arora
Dept of Chemistry
New York University

Mimicry of Protein Surfaces with Peptides and Peptidomimetics Ming An
May 6 Prof. Peijun Zhang
Dept of Structural Biology
University of Pittsburgh
CryoEM Resolution Revolution:  From Structure to Mechanism Wei Qiang

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