Spring 2015 Colloquium Program

Location - Science Library, Room - 212

Time – 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM, refreshments 11:30 AM

February 6 Prof. Eriks Rozners
Dept of Chemistry
Binghamton University
Amide Modified RNA:  Synthesis,
Structure and RNA Interference
February 13 Prof. Yimon Aye
Deptof Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cornell University
Precise Targeting of Redox
Signaling On-Demand
 Brian Callahan
February 20 Dr. Jeffrey Marcus
Dr. William Lipps
Shimadzu Corporation
What's in the Water?
The Extent and Limits of
Environment Testing
Wayne Jones
Sozanne Solmaz
February 27 Prof. Bruce White
Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Binghamton University 
Phonon Scattering in 
Thermoelectric Nanostructures
March 6 Prof. Thomas Huber
Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
The Rockefeller University
Novel Chemical Biology Methods 
to Study G Protein-Coupled
 Sozanne Solmax
March 13 Prof. Costa Metallinos
Dept of Chemistry
Brock University
Unusual N-Heterocycles in
Chiral Reagent Design
 Alistair Lees
March 20 Prof. Travis Dudding
Dept of Chemistry
Brock University
From Allylation to Proton Sponges
and NI-Centered Cations:
Mechanistic Understanding and
Mathew Vetticatt
March 27 Prof Edward A Berry
Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Mycobacterial Cytochrome bc
Complex: a new target for
anti-TB drugs
Sozanne Solmaz
April 3 Prof Tatyana Polenova
Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Delaware
Structure and Dynamics of
Microtubule-Associated and HIV-1
Protein Assemblies by Magic
Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy
 Wei Qiang
April 10   Spring Recess April 6 - 10  
April 17 Prof Mark J. Fink
Dept of Chemistry
Tulane University
Mechanochemical Synthesis of
Silicon Nanoparticles
James Fang
April 24 Prof Peter Beal
Dept of Chemistry
University of California at Davis
Chemically Modified RNA 
Interference and RNA
Editing Pathways
 Eriks Rozners
May 1 Prof Weidon Yang
Dept of Biology
Temple University 
High-Speed Super-Resolution Imaging
of Trafficking Inside Sub-Micrometer
Cellular Tubes/Channels by
SPEED Microscopy
 Sozanne Solmaz
May 8 Prof Radhika Subramanian
Dept of Molecular Biology
Harvard University

Building Micron-Scale Cytoskeletal
Architectures from Nanometer-Sized 
 Sozanne Solmaz

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