Fall 2014 Colloquium Program

Location - Science Library, Room - 212

Time – 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM, refreshments 11:30 AM

September 5 Prof. Graham Ellis-Davies
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Two-Color Uncaging  Christof Grewer
September 12 Prof. Patrick J. Hrdlicka
Dept of Chemistry
University of Idaho
 Recognition of double-stranded DNA using energetically activated duplexes modifiedwith intercalator-functionalized nucleotides  Eriks Rozners
September 19 Prof. Yadong Yin
Dept of Chemistry
UC Riverside
Magnetic Tuning of Optical Properties
of Nanostructured Materials
James Fang
September 26   No classes   
October 3   Classes recess at 1:00 pm  
October 10 Prof. Tristan Lambert
Dept of Chemistry
Columbia University
Aromatic Ions in Catalysis  Mathew Vetticatt
October 17 Dr. David M Manuta
Manuta Chemical Consulting
Waverly, OH
A Day in the Life of a Consulting
Chemist:  Inspiration for Today's 

Distinguished Alumni Lecture
Wayne Jones
October 24 Prof. Bo Chen
Dept of Physics
University of Central Florida
Studies of Self-assembly of Rouse
Sarcoma Virus Capsid Protein by TEM,
ssNMR and Coarse-Grain Simulations
James Fang
October 31  TBA Clifford E. Meyers and K. Keith Inness Summer Research Grant Awardees Presentations  
November 7 Prof. Brian M. Stoltz
Div of Chemistry and
Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology

John Eisch Lectureship in Organic
 Eriks Rozners
November 14 TBA    
November 21 Prof. Daniel A. Clark
Dept of Chemistry
Syracuse University
Clark Group website  Matthew Vetticatt
November 28   No Classes  
December 5 TBA    
December 12 TBA    

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