Research in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department consists of a research-oriented faculty, postdoctoral fellows and over 50 graduate students in residence. Our facilities support a wide variety of research, within and across the traditional boundaries. Our ties with the chemical industry and with government agencies stimulate the generation of new ideas while increasing the range of job opportunities open to our graduates. Indeed, our alumni have attained important positions in academic institutions, industry and government laboratories.

Current research in the Chemistry Department:

Analytical Chemistry

Nikolay G. Dimitrov - Associate Professor
Analytical Chemistry

Omowunmi A. Sadik - Professor
Bioanalytical and Environmental Chemistry

Chuan-Jian Zhong - Professor
Materials Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Catalysis, Electrochemistry, and Nanotechnology

Richard A. Hartwick - Research Professor
Analytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Pharmaceutical Analysis

Inorganic Chemistry

Jiye (James) Fang - Associate Professor
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology

Wayne E. Jones Jr. - Professor
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

Alistair J. Lees - Professor
Inorganic Chemistry

M. Stanley Whittingham - Distinguished Professor
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

William E. Bernier - Research Professor

Organic Chemistry

Ming An - Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry

Susan L. Bane - Professor
Organic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry

Brian P. Callahan - Assistant Professor
Biological Chemistry

Eriks Rozners - Associate Professor
Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry

Mathew J. Vetticatt - Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry

Udo H. Brinker - Research Professor
Physical Organic Chemistry and Structural Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

James A. Dix - Associate Professor
Biophysical Chemistry

Christof T. Grewer - Professor
Biological and Physical Chemistry

Wei Qiang - Assistant Professor
Biophysical Chemistry

Eugene S. Stevens - Professor
Physical Chemistry

Last Updated: 11/7/14