The General Chemistry Program’s office hours take place in S2-126, “The Help Room”.  

The Upper level Chemistry Courses' office hours take place in S2-108. The times and locations are listed below.

You are welcome to attend as many hours as you like; the schedule is posted below.

Please remember that the teaching assistants (TAs), do not have control over your grades and they are not responsible for your homework and assignments – you are.

The TAs will try to help you as much as they can, but they will not give you the answers or do your homework for you. They are here to help you understand the concepts. So, please, attempt each problem before asking for help and have your book and lab manual with you.

TAs will help you as you raise your hand. On busy days, be patient.


Chemistry 107 Office Hours - Fall 2016, S2, Room 126
Time / Date
9 - 10 am   Austin Ferrier  Nannan Ding  Crystal Noell   
10 - 11 am Can Li
Derek Dwyer 
Qinghui Cheng  Elias Ndaru  Sarah Otieno  Anishika(Anshi) Goel
Yinguang (Ian) Zhao
11 - 12 am Katelynne Doherty
Yunxiang Xie 
Xiaohui (Hui) Li  Polina Holubovska  Polina Holubovska  Sarah Otieno
Kaitie McCardle 
12 - 1 pm Joshua Cadwell
Carl (C.J.) Smith 
Nikita Brodyagin  Derek Dwyer  Heying Cui
Katie McCardle 
1 - 2 pm Roland Miller  Roland Miller  Nikita Brodyagin  Anishika(Anshi) Goel   
2 - 3 pm Heying Cui  Crystal Noell  Yunxiang Xie  Yiliang (Yancy) Luan   
3 - 4 pm Nannan Ding
Carol Kaplan 
Carol Kaplan  Can Li  Elias Ndaru
Daniel Isika 
4 - 5 pm Xiaohui (Hui) Li
Daniel Isika 
Carl (C.J.) Smith  Yiliang (Yancy) Luan  Qinghui Cheng
Yinguang (Ian) Zhao 
  • Dr. Turnpenny: Monday 1:15-2:15 p.m. and Wednesday 2:30-3:30 p.m. in Science 2-222
  • Dr. Kelleher: Monday 9-10 a.m. and Thursday 1-3 p.m. in Science 2-104
  • Dr. Lees: Monday noon-1 p.m. and Thursday noon-1 p.m. in Science 2-815
  • CLT Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4:30 p.m. in LN-1324C and Thursday 10-midnight in LN-1302C


Chemistry 422 Office Hours - Fall 2016, S2, Room 108 
9 - 10 am          
10 - 11 am   Zakiya Skeete      Zakiya Skeete 
11 - 12 am          
12 - 1 pm          
1 - 2 pm   Steve Ambrozik  Steve Ambrozik     
2 - 3 pm          
3 - 4 pm          
4 - 5 pm Haval Kareem    Haval Kareem     

Last Updated: 8/29/16