Parking at the University Downtown Center

For Students, Faculty and Staff

Access to the University Downtown Center parking lot is located on Washington Street. The first section of the lot is for students, the second section is for staff/faculty and the third section is for visitors. Students and faculty/staff must display valid University parking permits. The University has a strict parking policy and will ticket any car without a University sticker that is parked in the staff/faculty or student parking areas.

For Visitors and Program Attendees

Visitors to the University Downtown Center may park only in the visitor portion of the parking lot. However, there are a very limited number of visitor parking spots available. Once the spots are taken, you must find and pay for parking at an outside lot/ramp or parking meter.

How to enter the UDC parking lot

Upon arriving at the University Downtown Center parking lot, push the silver button at the gate and the security guard will ask for your name and the name of the event you’re attending. Once you have parked in the visitor portion of the lot (the part behind the building) you must walk to the front of the building for entry. Please stop at the security station and be prepared to provide the security guard with your plate number. A member of the Continuing Education & Outreach staff will give you a one-day parking pass that you’ll need to exit the lot after your program has ended. (If you don’t find a parking spot in the visitor’s lot, please push the silver button when you reach the gate so the security guard can let you out.)

Parking around or near the UDC (in lots, ramps, meters)

  • Parking meters are available on Susquehanna (limit 4 hours) and Washington (limit 2 hours) streets. Meters take nickels (12 minutes), dimes (24 minutes) and quarters (1 hour). Metered spots are free after 6:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; after 9:00 p.m. on Thursdays; and all day on Sundays.
  • Parking ramps are available on Water, State and Collier streets. Monday through Friday rates are $1 per hour, with a maximum rate of $6 per day. Ramps are free on Saturdays and Sundays unless there is an event at the Broome County Arena.
  • Parking lots in the area include Allright Parking (flat lot), which costs $3 a day; and the CVS flat lot on Washington and Hawley streets, which charges $1 per hour with a maximum rate of $5 per day.

Last Updated: 4/10/15