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I already have a four-year degree, but I want to take courses at Binghamton. What do I do?

If you have earned a bachelor's degree and wish to take credit-bearing courses (graduate or undergraduate) at Binghamton without entering a degree program, you can apply for admission as a graduate non-degree (or non-matriculated) student. Please visit the Graduate School site for more information.

You can also take Continuing Education courses to pursue an advanced degree, for professional development or just for enjoyment. Explore the following page that best describes you so you can see what we have to offer: for professionals, for community members, for NYS executive branch employees, for older/retired adults.

I have some college courses from another school and I want to take classes at Binghamton. Can I get a degree through Continuing Education?

Continuing Education doesn’t offer degrees; however, you can take Continuing Education courses while working toward a degree. First, you’ll want to make an appointment with a Continuing Education advisor to discuss your options.

I want to get into Binghamton University, but my grades aren’t high enough. Would taking Continuing Education courses help me get in?

Binghamton University is highly competitive, so earning grades and a GPA that are typical of our admitted transfer students can demonstrate you’re capable of Binghamton’s coursework.

I want to take some courses at Binghamton and then transfer those credits to another college/university. What do I do?

Binghamton University's Center for Learning and Teaching offers Summer Session and Winter Session. Please visit their website at

Do you offer classes on the weekends or at night?

We offer dozens of non-credit online courses and professional development workshops and seminars.

Do you offer online degrees?

Binghamton University doesn’t offer any online degrees, but we deliver a variety of online courses, particularly during Summer and Winter sessions. To explore our credit-bearing, distance-learning offerings, go to the online catalog and select the timeframe you’re interested in from the pull-down menu and then select “Submit.” On the next page, we offer several ways you can search for courses, including by subject area, course type traditional or distance-learning, term, instructor and more. If you’re looking for non-credit online courses, you’ll find hundreds to choose from.

I can’t decide between a degree or courses or training. What should I do?

Although your courses will be reviewed once you matriculate, you can get an idea of what transfers by going to the Harpur College Advising transfer equivalency tables.

How can I tell if courses I’ve taken somewhere else will transfer to Binghamton University?

If you’re applying as a Continuing Education student, please meet with a Continuing Education advisor for assistance. If you’re applying to an undergraduate program at Binghamton, you’ll find the Admission’s office webpage for transfer students of great help. And, if you’re applying to a graduate program at Binghamton, read the Transfer of Graduate Credits section of the Graduate School Manual.

I’m a high school student and I want to take College Link courses but I won’t know my high school schedule early enough to register for Binghamton courses. What can I do?

Contact College Link Advisor Roni O’Geen at 607.777.4866 or for assistance.

How do I add or drop a class?

Before the add/drop/delete deadline, you may make changes to your course schedule through BU BRAIN.

If you wish to add or drop a course after the add/drop deadline, you must:

  • Complete and submit an Undergraduate Late Add/Drop form (.pdf, 162.3kb)
  • Bring the completed form to your academic advisor
  • Take the approved Late Add/Drop petition to the Student Accounts Office, located in the Student Wing, Room 117. Once the fee has been assessed, take the approved Late Add/Drop petition to Financial Aid and Registrar Student Services Office, in the Student Wing, Room 109.

Note: A twenty dollar ($20) fee per course will be charged to your student account and can be paid online.

How do I drop a class after the drop deadline?

A course withdrawal period extends from the add/drop deadline until the course withdrawal deadline (in fall and spring semesters this is the ninth Friday of classes; during the summer this varies based upon term/session).

Students who drop courses during this period receive a grade of "W." You cannot drop your last class through this process. If you intend to drop your last class, you must fill out a Semester Withdrawal form.

The course withdrawal deadline is also the deadline for changing grading options for individual courses (pass/fail or letter grade). The official Grade Option Change deadline is available on the University's academic calendar.

You must complete the Grade Option Change form and submit it to the Financial Aid and Registrar Student Services Office, Student Wing, Room 109, no later than 15 minutes prior to the conclusion of the business day.

To change the grading option of a course after the drop deadline, use the Undergraduate General Academic Petition form.

Can non-matriculated students live on campus?

Only summer session non-matriculated students can apply to live on campus, and would use the appropriate housing form.

College Link students are not eligible to live on campus.

Last Updated: 4/21/14