Become a Lifelong Learner

Lifelong Learner status opens a window of opportunity for Continuing Education (non-degree or non-matriculated) students who have reached the 24-credit-hour limit. (The other option for Continuing Education students who have reached this limit is to matriculate into a degree program).

There are many reasons a student may elect to become a Lifelong Learner rather than to pursue a degree. A student in a professional capacity may wish to take classes to enhance job development or career advancement or a non-traditional student may be interested in personal enjoyment or self-improvement. No matter what the reason, Lifelong Learner status offers you the chance to continue your lifelong pursuit of higher education.

Before you make this decision, you should meet with a Continuing Education advisor. Then, if you feel this option is right for you, you’ll sign a Lifelong Learner Contract (24kb, .pdf) that states you understand and waive all rights in the future to seek entry into a degree program at Binghamton University.

Last Updated: 4/10/15