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If you’re considering changing careers or returning to college, the following list of resources may help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

A.  Making the Decision to Return to College

Deciding to Enter or Return to College

Adult learners have a different approach to learning. Adults are most likely responsible for their own success and are capable of making decisions once they have the information they need. Most adult learners are women, aged 25-69. Adults are the fastest growing educational demographic. They may have stopped their college education because of military issues, marriage, starting a family, job and family responsibilities, divorce. They seek re-careering options, personal enrichment and job credibility, to be a role model, and make more money.

Malcolm Knowles a pioneer in adult learning, observed that adults learn best when they know why something is important.





Choosing a Career Path

Career Web Resources

Are you looking for reliable information on careers or to help you with career decision making?

Changing Careers

 Resources for Non-Traditional Students

Recommended Books

Online Learning

You might need to live and/or work in one geographic area, but you can attend college without geographic limitations

For Veterans

Tips for Succeeding

Attitude is everything! We are here because we want to learn new information and skills, to become better equipped for life. Success is often a choice we make.  Make your education count. Decide you will be open to learning; open to new ideas; open to fully engaging with the information, professor, and students. When here, as well as required classes and topics of interest, select one or two classes in subjects you know nothing about. Get outside of your comfort zone in learning.  Choose to have a positive attitude. It really is your decision in whether you have a positive or negative experience. We have a tremendous opportunity that very few people get, just by being Binghamton University students. We are investing money and time, so  make it count. Gain everything you can gain while you are here.

Take time to rest and play. If all you do is read and create papers, life is passing you by, and you will quickly crash and burn. Life has to contain moments of fun, enjoyment and love also. Obviously the week before the major project is due is not the time to go on vacation - unless your project is completed and you are celebrating. But working every day 10-12 hours a day is also not good. Take a break now and then from studying. Get up, stretch, move around. Get enough sleep.  Try to take one day a week to not do schoolwork or employment duties. Take time to enjoy life

B.  Once You Become a Student

Community and Campus Based Programs

Campus Services

Academic Support

Choosing a Major

Improving Studying, Note Taking and Test Taking Strategies

Improving Your Writing

Improving Your Math Skills

Exercises in Math Readiness for University Study in Science, Business, and Engineering

Tools for Students

Resources for Non-Traditional Students

Scholarly Sources Online

Insights for Scholarly Sources Online

Top sites for Scholarly Sources Online

For Articles...
For books...
For statistics...
For a way to share your finds...
For legal reference...

Time Management

Math and Science


Stress Management

Counseling Center Electronic Pamphlets with Android and iPhone Apps

C. Money/Scholarships for Adult Learners/Non-Traditional Students

Never pay to have someone locate possible scholarships. This information is available to you online for free.

Credit Union Members

D. Graduate School

Graduate School Information


Graduate Student Funding

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Last Updated: 3/21/14