Welcome to Binghamton University CODESMART™ Program!

It is our goal to provide existing and new medical coders, healthcare administrators, and clinicians with a high quality and comprehensive educational experience in ICD-10 and coding.

Binghamton University CODESMART™ Program offers the flexibility of anytime, anywhere training with its on-line curriculum formats. Our programs prepare new and existing medical coders, as well as administrators and clinicians, to be the top performers in this field by providing the individual with new knowledge and enhancing their skill sets to successfully pass the certification exams through the American Coding Quality Association (ACQA).

We are confident that you will enjoy the Binghamton University CODESMART™ Program experience and we wish you much success in your careers!

Please note that in order to receive the Binghamton University discount for your course you will need to enter the following number when you register: SUNY00

Last Updated: 4/10/15