Interested in a Medical Coding Career?

Medical coders are very well paid and there are many job opportunities in hospitals, physician practices, insurance companies and all other healthcare providers. Coders are in great demand as there is a severe shortage. The career path is unlimited as a coder can move into many areas of a healthcare organization as they grow. This is because medical coding is the key to reimbursement for providers, accuracy in revenues, and it touches everything from finance, management, IT and clinical areas. The medical coder has many options to grow and is viewed as a key person in the organization. How a medical procedure is coded determines the financial reimbursement for the company and accuracy in coding also ensures quality data for future sound medical decisions. It effects everything in a healthcare organization.

Medical coding is one of the fastest growing professions in the country according to many government agencies and associations. Additionally, the healthcare industry is the fastest and most stable sector of the economy. A main reason why this is happening is because of the medical industry’s switch to ICD-10 coding system. The industry is going from approximately 13,000 codes to over 400,000 variations. During the ICD-10 transition and because it affects every aspect of a healthcare organization’s business process, it is projected that coding productivity will decrease by over 50%. The field is going to require many more people to accommodate all the changes in needs for human capital that will be taking place.

Medical Coding is the life blood of a healthcare organization as the medical codes determine financial results, regulatory compliance and also good quality of care for patients. Coding is a highly specialized and much respected field. Coders are in high demand everywhere in healthcare. Getting the right education is critical in order to position yourself as the best in the coding field. Binghamton University CODESMART™ Program will help you become coder who sets the standard for excellence in medical coding. Contact a CODESMART™ representative to find out how you can become a CODESMART™ coder and embark on a most respectable and fruitful career path in healthcare.

Please note that in order to receive the Binghamton University discount for your course you will need to enter the following number when you register: SUNY00

Last Updated: 4/10/15