Jumpstart College: College Link

Get a head start on your college requirements by taking courses and earning college credit while you’re still a junior or senior in high school through our College Link program.

Open to qualified Binghamton-area secondary school and home-schooled students, College Link lets you take courses in the arts and sciences during your junior and senior years of high school. Students in the surrounding area may take courses on campus or online; students outside the surrounding area are limited to online courses only. Students often take 100 or 200 level courses, courses meeting New York State General Education requirements, and sometimes 300 or 400 level courses in subjects such as language, math or science if they meet the prerequisites. Courses taken carry regular University credit and appear on an official University transcript. College Link students are considered Center for Innovative and Continuing Education students and aren’t admitted into a degree-granting program at Binghamton University. The College Link program is not available in the winter term.

Summer Session 2015 and College Link

College Link applicants who complete their sophomore year by June 2015 must consult with their guidance counselor and then apply to the College Link program by July 1, 2015. Most College Link students are not able to take courses in Term I of Summer Session, which starts before the end of most school years. If admitted, students may select up to 8 credits of introductory undergraduate courses for which they’re qualified, and may continue for fall and spring terms. Applicants should contact their counselor for the University’s College Link application and recommendation course request form, and must also comply with Binghamton University’s health requirements. Housing isn’t provided for College Link students during the summer.

Interested? Here’s What You Need to Do:


  • If you have AP or IB credits go to: Harpur College of Arts and Sciences
  • If you want to take Calculus I or II, go to: Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Some courses such as languages or lab sciences require registering for a lecture, discussion and activity.
  • Speak with your guidance counselor. If you qualify for the program, complete the two-page College Link application, guidance counselor recommendation and course request. Your guidance office can request more forms.
  • View the schedule of classes here.
  • Complete the application, guidance counselor recommendation and course request forms. Required forms can be found on our Forms and Resources page. On the course request form, list lecture, discussion and activity as applicable, as well as alternative courses. Include student and guidance counselor signatures and parent or guardian signature.
  • Send forms to Admissions, Binghamton University, PO Box 6001, Binghamton, NY 13902-6001.
  • Complete Parts A and B of the University’s Medical History Report (157kb, pdf) and either fax the documentation to the Decker Student Health Services Center at 607.777.2881 or send it to Decker Student Health Services Center, Binghamton University, Post Office Box 6000, Binghamton, NY 13902-6000. Information about completing the form is located here. Note that documents may be sent before or after program approval is received, but must be completed before registration. College Link students under age 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out the Under 18 Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment form (88kb, pdf).
  • After you’ve been admitted to College Link, contact Center for Innovative and Continuing Education Advisor Roni O'Geen at vogeen@binghamton.edu or 607.777.4866, who will review your course selections and send you an email welcoming you to the program.
  • The State of New York and SUNY require that you positively affirm the online Student Code of Conduct Acknowledgment and complete your ID and password.
  • In most cases the College Link advisor can register you for courses, which allows earlier registration than other Center for Innovative and Continuing Education students. After the first term, College Link students need to send only the completed course request form to the College Link advisor, who will then complete the registration.
  • Please be aware of the rules and deadlines for payment of tuition and mandatory fees, adding or dropping a course, and withdrawing from your last course, and the impact on refunds and transcripts. Access the University calendar and review  information about tuition, refunds and adjustments.
  • Binghamton University considers the student, including those who are under age 18, to be responsible for any outstanding obligations. We do not pursue debt collection from parents or guardians. For more information go to Billing and Payment Procedures. Students are encouraged to have authorized payers for their account. Click here to access your account.
  • Students in summer session may drop their last course online. College Link students in fall and spring terms should follow the deadline dates and email the College Link advisor at vogeen@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 2/9/15