Our cinema facilities feature ample spaces and computer programs for students to create or edit their media projects, as well as up-to-the minute equipment cinema majors can borrow. These include:

  • Video Equipmentstudio and performance spaces
  • audio and video editing labs
  • a digital still-photo lab
  • image transfer technology
  • animation – film and computer


Media Equipped Classrooms
16mm theatrical projection in 90 seat cinema, video & data projection, 16mm interlock film projection, small screening classrooms

Artmaking Studio & Performance Spaces
Rear projection screen, lighting, background/set materials, sound isolation, blue-screen

Digital Non-Linear Audio & Video Editing Labs
Computer image manipulation & DVD creation using Mac G5 Quad and Dual core computers with a variety of software including: Apple Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Digidesign ProTools, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Motion. Lab equipped with HD monitor, video monitors, IEEE 1394 VCRs, Epson photo/negative/slide scanners, Wacom drawing tablets

Film Editing
16mm and Super 8 film bench setups with film viewers and splicers, as well as 16mm Steenbeck 6-plate film editing flatbeds and light tables

Film Processing Lab
Student training lab for b/w motion picture developing

Image Transfer 
Transfer technology between different media types

Film and computer animation

Optical Printing
JK Optical Printers, K-105, K103 Meritex controllers, 16/8 gates


Students who major in Cinema have access to University-owned media equipment. Generally, Cinema students may borrow audio, video & filmmaking equipment to complete classroom assignments. The loan period is normally 3-7 days.

In addition, students are strongly encouraged (but not required) to purchase basic sound/image gathering & editing tools. Useful equipment includes: DV camcorder with external handheld microphone & firewire cable, headphones, handheld light meter, Apple Mac computer with video editing software, and other software as appropriate to support their area of interest. Cinema technical staff can help recommend equipment and software for incoming students. (Call 607-777-6345)

Last Updated: 2/10/15