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Cinema Major Michael Chernak gets Externship with Showtime

Michael Chernak

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SEFF Binghamton: Student Experimental Film Festival in Binghamton

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Sean wins award


Congratulations to Sean Cunningham and Justin Hartough for their success with the I Love NY Short Film Competition.

Sean won the Grand Prize and Justin won the Best Student Film Award.
The story was picked up by AP and will run nationally.


Binghamton University Cinema Department Student Award

The Patricia Kerr Ross Award:

Spring 2008: Jack Wilson


Professor Kenneth Jacobs Scholarship, 2008-2009:

2008-2009: Nathan Ely

2007-2008: Laura Bennett & Brian Murphy

2006-2007: Dayna Moses

2005-2006: Jonathan Gettinger

2004-2005: Jarmar Banks & Dylan Dullea

2003-2004: Michael Lieberman & Miles McNulty

2002-2003: Tomonari Nishikawa

2001-2002: Joyce Oates

2000-2001: Peter Bianco & Madison Brookshire

1999-2000: Kristen Santarsiero

1998-1999: Sang-Hee Park, Aaron Nye & Matthew Thompson


Princess Grace Award:

Miles McNulty, 2004-2005


Faculty/Student Scholarship:

2008: Eliane Ceballos


McNair Scholars:

Nick Bongiorno - April 2008


Undergraduate Research Award Recipients

Spring 2006:

Jamar Banks $200

Stephen Major $250

Fall 2006:

Russell Peborde $250

Justin Swan $250

Spring 2007:

Alice Garland $250

Dayna Moses $246

John Bradigan $110

Ryan Lee $250

John Wilson $250

Fall 2007:

Nicholas Bongiorno $250

Spring 2008:

Zachary Meyer $250

Ady Grunin $250

Kelly McCrossan $250

Laura Bennett $150


Foundation Award for Creative Work in Cinema:

2008: Jack Wilson

2007: Russell Peborde

2006: Alexandra Levashvili

2005: Ilya Shnitser

2004: Christopher Greene

2003: Joyce Oates

2002: Madison Brookshire

2001: Peter Bianco

2000: Ryan Heyner

1999: Sang Hee Park

1998: Hyangmee Bak

1997: Tamami Asada

1996: Yuk Yiu Ip

1995: Karen Jedrysik

1994: Susan Brunig and Vadim Genin

1992: Jason Detrani

1991: Ariana Gerstein

1990: Daniel Liss

1989: Stephen Grietzer

1988: David Vertino

1987: Stacy Rammacher

1986: David Gresalfi

1985: Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

1983: Jan Novello

1982: Katsutoshi Murabe

1980: Paul Wood

1979: Kevin Crane

Binghamton University Cinema Department Publicity

September 2008:

Congratulations to Sean Cunningham and Justin Hartough!

They took the two top awards in the I Love NY Short Film Competition. Sean Cunningham won the Grand Prize for the best film and Justin Hartough won the best Student Filmmaker award. To see the films go to:

Pipe Dream Article:

Nick Bongiorno – Student film describes IBM Chemical Spill, May 6, 2008

SUNY Inside:

Jack Wilson – Filmmaker develops Artistry article on May 15, 2008.


Fox 40 WICZ TV – News – Documenting a Dilemma:

Nick Bongiorno – August 2, 2007


Guest Lecturer at New Paltz, Summer 2008:

Brian Murphy


Film Festivals:

Will Bisgrove (Cinema Alumni) – Tribeca Film Festival, Empire II, May 2008

Sean Cunningham – The Little Theatres: March Emerging Filmmakers Series – The Can Man, March 2008

August 2008:

Jack Wilson represented Binghamton University as a student filmmaker in the Hollywood Shorts film festival. "Diner" was accepted and was playing in August with films starring Jessica Biel, David Arquette, and Josh Brolin's directorial debut. Website:

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