Instructional Enrichment

The Center for Learning and Teaching at Binghamton University brings an awareness of innovative teaching approaches to faculty and others who teach at Binghamton University. The focus is on students learning (rather than teachers teaching) - students take greater ownership of their education, as faculty function more as guides to self-directed learning than as instructors. The education of undergraduate students shifts from reliance on lecture and toward the facilitation of active learning. These approaches can help you raise your students to higher levels, making your instructional work more satisfying, both for yourself and for them.

Instructional Resources

The CLT offers support to Binghamton faculty and teaching staff to enhance student learning on campus. If students forget course content within weeks of months of a class, did learning really occur? The links below can help you bring students to learning that lasts.

Getting beyond lecture

Specific tools and techniques

Faculty sharing with faculty

  • Quick Teaching Tips
  • Tomorrow's Professor
    Articles and book excerpts about teaching, research, career issues, and more
  • Faculty Focus
    includes short articles with practical ideas in 20 categories such as Effective Classroom Management and Teaching with Technology
  • Course design (learning objectives, syllabus and more from Cornell University's Center for Teaching Excellence)
  • Course and classroom management tips including setting appropriate expectations, what support is available on campus, who to contact for help, etc.

Within (yet beyond) disciplines


Hilton Baxter
Instructional Enrichment Program Coordinator

Last Updated: 6/19/15