Technology tips

The information below is summarized from a presentation by Drew Tucci of Binghamton University's Educational Communications office, given at the Aug. 30, 2012 Institute for Student-Centered Learning workshop.

Educational Communications

  • can help with all audiovisual equipment built into Binghamton University classrooms, wireless microphones, adapters for computers etc.
  • sells various adapters and connection cables at cost
  • will visit a classroom with you before the semester begins to make sure everything is working, and show how to use everything if necessary 
  • LH-B48
  • 607-777-4757
  • EdCom website

Computer Help Desk

  • can help with computers in Binghamton University classrooms, your office computer or laptop, network issues (getting online)
  • Computer Center lobby
  • 607-777-6420
  • Computer Center website

Course Planning and Academic Space Management

  • can schedule your class in a room that meets your needs (technology, seating arrangements, etc.)
  • 607-777-6872

University Center for Training and Development

  • Blackboard training and help
  • Training on iClickers, Elluminate and other software packages available on campus
  • 607-777-6362

Best practices

  • Visit classroom, test everything you will need. Classrooms are open one week before semester starts. EdComm can visit with you by appointment.
  • Call AV immediately if there's trouble. All classrooms have a phone with number for help. 2/3 of problems can be solved over the phone.
  • Save materials in multiple formats and different platforms (Apple, PC), accessible in different ways (flash drive, Internet, etc).
  • Common AV problems: loose connector on monitor, dead batteries on wireless mic, "pic mute" or wrong input selected (preventing input display).
  • Laptop display problems: laptop graphics card not set for Video Out, incorrect screen resolution, check cable and connector pins. Connect everything, turn on projector, turn laptop on last.

Last Updated: 6/19/15