Information for outgoing Binghamton Students

Participating in the National Student Exchange provides students a chance to take courses not offered here at Binghamton, learn about a different geographic area, experience a different cultural/social environment and broaden knowledge of available graduate school or professional opportunities.

Steps to participating in National Student Exchange (NSE):

  1. Pick up an application packet at the NSE office, CIW Library, Room 111
  2. Visit the NSE website and review all of the possibilities
  3. You may need to meet with your academic advising office or Office of Financial Aid with specific questions regarding courses or aid.
  4. Complete and hand in the application to NSE, CIW Library, Room 111. Placements for the following academic year begin in early March; for the best chance at your first choice school, submit your application by the end of February.
  5. After placement, the NSE coordinator at Binghamton will contact you to complete a Placement Acceptance Form. Then you will begin receiving pertinent information from your host school.
  6. If you have not already been in contact with your academic advising office, you should do so now to discuss course choices.
  7. Depending on the circumstances, additional conversations with Financial Aid may be necessary.

While on Exchange:

  1. Make sure the host and Binghamton NSE coordinators have your contact information (local address, phone and e-mail).
  2. Send some photos of the host campus and surroundings to the Binghamton NSE coordinator. Digital images are fine.
  3. If you are returning to Binghamton, follow all deadlines for early registration, on-campus housing, etc.
  4. At the end of each semester or term, send an official transcript from your host school to the appropriate academic advising office here at Binghamton.


**At all times if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Birgit Nicolaisen, the NSE coordinator at Binghamton.**

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Last Updated: 7/23/15