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Summer Session Payment and Aid

Tuition and Fees

  NYS Resident Non-Resident
Undergraduate $270 per credit hour $816 per credit hour
Graduate $453 per credit hour $925 per credit hour
MBA Program $600 per credit hour $1016 per credit hour
Master Social Work $540 per credit hour $925 per credit hour
Nursing DNP $968 per credit hour $1787 per credit hour
Undergraduate Comprehensive Fee $52.05 per credit hour $52.05 per credit hour
Graduate Comprehensive Fee $49.05 per credit hour $49.05 per credit hour

Note: Review the Residency Determination section of the Student Accounts office website for information on residency requirements and tuition billing. You may also contact Student Accounts at 607-777-2702. All tuition and fee rates are subject to revision by the University without notice.

Student Status Affects Tuition and Fees

Your status as a student will affect how much tuition and fees you’ll pay. Let’s take a look at the status categories:

  • Undergraduate: has not received a four-year undergraduate degree
  • Graduate: has received a four-year undergraduate degree
  • Matriculated (degree-seeking student): has been accepted into a degree-granting program at Binghamton University
  • Continuing Education (also called “non-degree” or “non-matriculated”): has not been accepted into a degree-granting program at Binghamton University

Here’s how your status affects tuition and fees:

  • Matriculated undergraduate students pay undergraduate tuition and fees for all courses.
  • Matriculated graduate students pay graduate tuition and fees for all courses.
  • Continuing Education students (non-degree or non-matriculated students; including visiting students) pay tuition according to the level of course, but fees according to their student level (undergrad or grad).

Billing and Payment

  • Binghamton University can’t bill your account until registration is updated.
  • You can pay for your summer courses online.
  • Student Accounts sends electronic bill notification to your Binghamton e-mail account with instructions of how to view, print and pay your account on-line. No paper bills are sent.
  • The payment due date will appear on your billing statement. Payments made after the due date will incur a late payment fee. Non-payment or partial payment will result in additional fees charged to your account.
  • An electronic billing notification is sent only to you, the student. If you want your parent or guardian to also be sent an electronic billing notification, you must add that person as an authorized payer on your QuikPAY account.

Refunds Due to Dropped or Canceled Courses

If the University cancels a course, full tuition and fees are refunded. If a student drops a course, the refund is based on the date the course is formally dropped, either in the registration system or by completing a drop form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office. Review our add/drop procedures*.

* Note: While the procedural information provided on the add/drop procedures page is appropriate for Summer Session, the dates/deadlines/timeframes listed apply only to fall and spring terms. Review the Summer Session calendar for correct dates and deadlines for Summer Session.

Refunds are determined based on the SUNY Board of Trustees refund liability schedule (

NOTE: The refund liability schedule is based on the length of the term as well the start date and end date of the term.

The comprehensive and activity fees are fully refundable during the refund liability schedule and non-refundable thereafter.

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available to matriculated students attending six or more credit hours during Summer Session. Find out what’s available and how to apply by visiting the Financial Aid Services Summer/Winter Session web page.

Continuing education/non-matriculated undergraduate and graduate students may be eligible to receive government loans if the courses taken during Summer Session are prerequisites for admission into Binghamton University or elsewhere. If the courses are not prerequisites, non-matriculated students may be eligible to apply for alternative loans from private lenders. For more general information, visit the Financial Aid Services non-matriculated web page.

For additional questions about summer aid and your eligibility, contact Financial Aid Services at, call 607-777-2428 or visit the office during regular business hours.

Financial Aid Recipients that Withdraw from the University

Federal Title IV financial aid (Direct Student loan, Pell Grants, Direct Parent PLUS loan) recipients who withdraw from or drop all classes during Summer Session may have funds returned to loan and/or grant programs based on federal return of Title IV financial aid regulations. Recipients of New York State TAP grants will lose eligibility for the TAP grant for summer. Eligibility for any other type of financial aid is based upon review. Any liability resulting from return of Title IV financial aid funds is the responsibility of the student.  NOTE: A loan recipient who drops below six credits but remains enrolled in the Summer Session may also be subject to the resulting refund being returned as a repayment on the loan.

Last Updated: 9/9/16