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The Doors That a CNES (Classical and Near Eastern Studies) Degree Opens

"What can I do with my degree in Classical and Near Eastern Studies?"

General Considerations

Why get a degree in Classical and Near Eastern Studies? Why, for that matter, get a degree in the humanities in the first place?

Going at those questions in reverse order,

A degree in the humanities is worthwhile because training in the humanities provides students with the intellectual equipment needed for success in today's world.

Students sometimes think that to be successful, they have to study science, technology, or business to the virtual exclusion of all else — that the best a humanities degree can provide is a lot of useless knowledge.

Of course, science etc. has much to offer, especially in today's world. Still, that by no means implies the humanities don't. On the contrary, the humanities address issues and problems on everyone's mind. This they do in two, basic ways:

Indeed, whether pursuing a professional degree or not, undergraduates should understand that the humanities generally, and CNES major tracks in particular (Arabic, Classics), provide highly sought-after training in:

But there is more. Medical schools, while they look closely at a student's performance in the sciences, seek the intellectually well-rounded applicant, one whose additional major in Latin, Arabic, or any of our other major tracks (Classics, Greek and Latin; Classical Civilization) speaks to intellectual breadth. Put differently, on a long list of applicants, that CNES credential really sets the one possessing it apart.

That principal can be extended to a whole range of fields that place a premium on intellectual ability.

Specific Uses for Your Degree


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Last Updated: 6/1/12