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Welcome to our New Faculty for fall 2015!

Randall D. Souza

Visiting Assistant Professor, Greek and Roman Archaeology and Latin Language, PhD 2014, University of California, Berkeley.
Ancient Sicily; human mobility, community and citizenship; Greek and Latin epigraphy.

Jonathan Hills

Adjunct Lecturer, MPhil 2004 (Classics), University of Cambridge.
Indo-European Linguistics: Origins and Development of Greek and Latin.

Saqer Almarri

Adjunct Lecturer in Arabic, MA, 2012, Translation and Interpreting, The American University of Sharjah, UAE.
Arabic linguistics, historical and contemporary translation theory, religious and juridical aspects of the history of translation in Arabic.

Rania Said

Adjunct Lecturer in Arabic, PhD candidate in comparative literature, MA 2013.
Agrégation in English Language, Literature, and Civilization, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Tunis, Tunisia.

Fulbright FLTA  2015-2016

Jamal Al-Sulaiman is our Arabic Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant for academic year 2015-2016.

For more on the Fulbright FLTA program: 

Fulbright FLTA Feature, 2014-2015

Bochra Kouraichi was our Arabic Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant for academic year 2014-2015. See the story on her, on her homeland of Tunisia, and on the Fulbright FLTA program. Go to story>>>

CNES Courses, Fall 2015

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CNES and the Power of SUNY

Read how Classical and Near Eastern Studies at BU responds to the marketplace while remaining grounded in the traditions of its constituent disciplines.

Department Description

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies (CNES) offers students the chance both to major and to minor in the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Arabic speaking and ancient Mediterranean (Greek, Roman, etc.) worlds. These traditions and civilizations are living realities; they have shaped, and continue to shape, our world today. Students majoring in Arabic or Classics receive thorough preparation, from which they can advance to further study in a variety of areas: ancient, Middle Eastern, and medieval history; history of philosophy and art; comparative literature and linguistics; and a host of other fields and career tracks.

Our Undergraduate Programs feature major tracks distributed between two programs:

  • Arabic (language, literature, culture)
  • Classics, with majors in
    • Classics, Greek and Latin (Greek, Latin language/literature; Greek/Roman/Mediterranean culture)
    •  Latin (language, literature, Greco-Roman culture)
    • Classical Civilization (Roman/Greek/Mediterranean culture)

Basic courses with readings in English are also offered for the benefit of all students University-wide. Our wide-ranging expertise allows us to help students pursue a variety of interests, while instruction in the spoken and written languages of the Near and Middle East has obvious and immediate relevance.

We pride ourselves in upholding the liberal-arts tradition that has set BU's Harpur College apart from the very beginning:

  • Small to medium-sized classes
  • Expert and attentive instruction
  • Courses demonstrating the interconnectedness of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, and the relevance of those cultures in today’s world

Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
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Ben Abbott
Ben Abbott and Amelia Lyte Expand Their Horizons through Study Abroad

Recently, two of our majors in Classics (the study of the ancient Greek, Roman, and Mediterranean worlds) had unforgettable experiences while studying abroad. Ben, a junior with interests in ancient history, spent the summer at the College Year in Athens program in Athens, Greece. Amelia, a senior with interests in law, spent last spring at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. And they brought home pictures - click here for the slide show! | Read More

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