• Gerald E. Kadish
    Email: kadishg@binghamton.edu
    Professor of History and Near Eastern Studies. PhD, 1964, University of Chicago. Ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman History; ancient Egyptian language and literature.
  • SauI Levin
    Distinguished Professor of Ancient Languages, Emeritus, PhD, 1949, University of Chicago: Comparative linguistics, early literature, Bible.
  • Michael C. Mittelstadt (dec'd)
    Associate Professor Emeritus of Classics, PhD, 1964, Stanford University: Classical Greek and Latin languages and literature, Greek and Roman drama, ancient Greek novel.
  • Khalil I. Semaan
    Professor Emeritus of Arabic, PhD, 1959, Columbia University: Arabic and Islamic thought and letters.
  • Daniel Williman
    Professor of Latin and History, PhD, 1973, University of Toronto: Medieval Europe; institutional and cultural history; Latin language and medieval Latin literature; history of European law; codicology and library history; paleography and diplomatics; Avignonese papacy, 1316-1420.

Last Updated: 8/2/16