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Eid Mohamed research interests are centered on the significant interplay of religion, pop culture and politics and the role they play in shaping the complex relation between America and the nations and peoples of the Middle East. Through engaging with various Arabic texts – literary, filmic, or otherwise – Prof. Mohamed attempts to theorize what worldviews they convey, how they engage the American foreign policy, and what they teach people about the political and social construction of Islam as a religion and Arabs/Muslims as a nation. After 9/11 there is a shift of perception that does not only indicate a change in Arabs/Muslims' location on the political map of power but also stresses the American self-identification in relation to global politics and power.

Prof. Mohamed received his doctorate in American Studies from George Washington University, where he specialized in Middle Eastern Studies, Arab history and culture, and US-Middle East encounter. His dissertation, "Who Defines Me: Orientalism Revisited and Occidentalism Redefined in the Post 9/11 Era" explores how Arab media, cinema, and fiction, especially after the election of President Barack Obama, assert the value of America as a potential source of 'change' while attempting to renegotiate the Arab and Muslim worlds' positions in the international system.

Prof. Mohamed presented his work at a variety of national and international conferences including: American Political Science Association, Middle East Studies Association, American Studies Association, Canadian Association for American Studies, British Association for American Studies, and the American Comparative Literature Association. For the 2011 Middle East Studies Association meeting in Washington DC, Dr. Mohamed is organizing a panel, "Media(ting) Otherness: Visual Representations of "Islam" and "the West" in the Post-9/11 Era" where he will present his paper titled "Occidental Fear of Unknown East: America in an Egyptian 9/11 Movie." Dr. Mohamed is also presenting a paper, "Media(ting) Otherness: Visual Representations of the U.S. /West in the Post 9/11 Era" at the 4th international conference of the Center for American Studies and Research at the American University of Beirut, to be held January 11-14, 2012.

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