Active Faculty

  • Saqer Almarri
    Adjunct Lecturer in Arabic. MA, 2012, Translation and Interpreting, The American University of Sharjah, UAE. Arabic linguistics, historical and contemporary translation theory, religious and juridical aspects of the history of translation in Arabic
  • Tina Chronopoulos
    Assistant Professor of Classics and Medieval Studies. PhD, 2007, King's College London, University of London. Classical/medieval Latin literature, lives of saints, transmission of classical literature, palaeography
  • Omid Ghaemmaghami
    Assistant Professor of Arabic, PhD, 2013, University of Toronto: Assistant Professor of Arabic, PhD, 2013, University of Toronto: Shīʿī Islam, Classical Arabic literature, Modern Standard Arabic, Islamic intellectual history, Islamic mysticism, Qurʾānic studies, Islamic eschatology, Comparative religion, Iranian studies, Persian-Arabic translation
  • Gregory Key
    Lecturer in Turkish, PhD, 2013, University of Arizona: Turkish linguistics, Ottoman Turkish, modern Turkish language, literature, culture
  • R. Kevin Lacey
    Associate Professor of Arabic, PhD, 1984, Harvard University: Arabic language and literature, Arabic language teaching, Islamic intellectual history, Islamic mysticism, Persian language and literature.
  • Talat Okby
    Adjunct Professor of Arabic. MLS, 1970, State University of New York at Albany. Classical Arabic poetry and multimedia
  • Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit
    Professor of Comparative Literature and Classics, PhD, 1962, Cornell University: Classical Greek and Latin literature, satire, irony, pastoral poetry, mythology
  • Elizabeth Robinson
    Assistant Professor of Classics, PhD, 2013, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Roman and Greek archaeology, Roman Republican Italy, Romanization, applications of digital technology in archaeology (GIS), Latin language and literature
  • Andrew Scholtz
    Associate Professor of Classics and Undergraduate Director, PhD 1997, Yale University: Greek Literature
  • John H. Starks, Jr.
    Associate Professor of Classics and Department Chair, PhD 2004, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Non-Western Ethnicity in the Classical World, Greek and Roman Drama, Roman Historiography
  • Mary Youssef
    Assistant Professor of Arabic, PhD 2012, University of Wisconsin, Madison


  • Gerald E. Kadish
    Professor of History and Near Eastern Studies, PhD, 1964, University of Chicago: Ancient Egyptian
  • SauI Levin
    Distinguished Professor of Ancient Languages, PhD, 1949, University of Chicago: Comparative linguistics, early literature, Bible
  • Khalil I. Semaan
    Professor Emeritus of Arabic, PhD, 1959, Columbia University: Arabic and Islamic thought and letters
  • Daniel Williman
    Professor of Latin and History, PhD, 1973, University of Toronto: Medieval Europe; institutional and cultural history; Latin language and medieval Latin literature; history of European law; codicology and library history; paleography and diplomatics; Avignonese papacy, 1316-1420


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