Commencement Ceremonies

Faculty Ceremony Instructions

Week of Commencement

  • Remove personal regalia from storage and steam if necessary.

Day of Commencement

Arrive on campus

  • All faculty should be at the Events Center no later than one hour prior to their ceremony.
  • Park in Lots H, M or C.
  • Enter the Events Center through the far left entrance (near Tau Club Room).
  • All regalia will be available in the robing area in the Athletics Administration Director's Suite (room 205) prior to the ceremony. The Suite is on the left hand side of the concourse past the Tau Club Room.

Faculty check-in

  • Report to the faculty check-in area in the Athletics Administration Director's Suite (room 205).
    • Faculty and School marshals will find the gray robes and green tams in the check-in area. Department marshals wear their own regalia.
    • Faculty walking with doctoral students should report to the student check-in area located behind the stage after robing.
  • All faculty are invited to the Tau Club Room for refreshments.


  • At approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, you will be instructed to line up into two columns behind the faculty marshals (two faculty members wearing gray marshal robes).
  • You will join the processional behind the bagpipers and ahead of the Platform Party.
  • The bagpipers will stop and face the audience; do not stop, keep approaching the stage.
  • The two columns will split at the end of the center aisle and enter the stage on opposite sides.
  • Seats in the faculty section should be filled from front to back.


  • You will be provided with a ceremony program and a bottle of water on stage.
  • Remember, the ceremony is being recorded; you will be on camera the majority of the ceremony.


  • The faculty marshals will lead faculty off opposite sides of the stage.
  • The two columns of faculty will meet in the center aisle and process out.
  • Faculty will follow the Platform Party through the tunnel on the right.

Post ceremony

  • Be sure to return any regalia to the check-in area in the Athletics Administration Director's Suite (room 205).

Last Updated: 9/10/15