School and Faculty Marshals


  • Faculty Marshals are selected by the Commencement Office
  • School Marshals are selected by their school’s dean’s office


  • Faculty and School Marshals will walk through the processional and recessional during rehearsal in the Events Center.
  • School Marshals will meet the student filling the Student Marshal position for their school, and run through the steps and procedures of the actual event.
  • If you are unable to attend this rehearsal, contact the Commencement Office at to schedule an alternate time.

Cap and gown

As a Faculty or School Marshal you will be provided with a cap and gown. You are welcome to wear your own hood from your alma mater. If you requested a hood, it will be provided to you in the faculty robing area prior to the ceremony.

Commencement Day

  • Arrive one hour prior to the ceremony and report to faculty robing area behind the stage in the Events Center.
  • Approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony:
    • Faculty Marshal - Begin lining up faculty for the processional
    • School Marshal - Join the Student Marshal and begin lining up students for the processional
  • All regalia must be returned to robing area following the ceremony.

Last Updated: 3/1/17