Academic Initiatives

The bioengineering undergraduate program at Binghamton University requires all students to successfully complete a capstone design project. In the 2012-13 academic year, 38 students in 11 teams worked with clients on projects such as: transforming food waste into fuel for campus furnaces, creating a rowing device for disabled campers, devising a pill dispenser for a young woman with quadriplegia, modifying a shopping cart for use by the elderly, designing a personal flotation device for disabled children, developing a web-based speech therapy device for those recovering from stroke, and improving software used for colonoscopy scheduling and cancer screening. 

In April 2012, Binghamton University hosted a cross-disciplinary research conference to address childhood obesity, bringing top national researchers together to talk about new insights in dealing with the epidemic. The conference resulted in a number of collaborative intervention initiatives that are being applied locally.

The Binghamton University Liberty Partnerships Program provides support services for approximately 280 students each year in cooperation with the Binghamton, Windsor and Susquehanna Valley school districts. It is a collaboration among the schools, local community organizations and the University's Graduate School of Education.

The Psychological Clinic operates within the Department of Psychology and provides psychological services to the local community while serving as a training facility for the University’s doctoral students in clinical psychology.

By 2020, 50 percent more social workers will be needed to serve older adults. Binghamton’s MSW program is providing grants to students who explore gerontological social work, with an eye on swelling the ranks of practitioners in this field.

Tri-Cities Opera and the Department of Music collaborate to offer a master of music in opera degree.

Computer science students in the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science have taken first place in the Federal Aviation Administration Design Competition for three consecutive years. One of their winning projects has been awarded a $374,000 grant from the FAA Research Grant program to fund phase 1 of a $1.4 million project at the Greater Binghamton Airport to install a radiant geothermal heating prototype to remove snow and ice from pavement.

Ask a Scientist is a regular column in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin and the Ithaca Journal in which Binghamton University faculty respond to science questions posted by students from local schools.

Chemistry faculty and staff coordinate the local and regional Science Olympiad and Chemistry Olympiad competition for high school students.

Several Binghamton University graduate programs place students in the community as a requirement of their education:

Binghamton’s School of Management has worked with several corporations in the region to provide programming for employees who want to beef up their education with a master’s degree in business administration. For example, the University delivers an onsite MBA program in management concepts and skills to prepare Lockheed Martin employees for greater levels of management and leadership responsibility.

The Center for Innovative and Continuing Education provides non-credit programs and professional development to a broad range of audiences. 

Last Updated: 3/20/14