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Associated Faculty

Abou-El-Haj, Rifa’at A., Professor of History,  PhD, 1963, Princeton University: Modern Near East, Europe. (1993)

Allen, Jeffner, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies, PhD, 1973, Duquesne University:  Cross-cultural and feminist theory, post-colonial studies, lesbian studies, experimental writing. (1987)

Appelbaum, Nancy, Associate Professor of History , PhD, 1997, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Modern Latin America, Colombia. (1998)

Bartine, David, Associate Professor of English , PhD, 1976, University of California at Berkeley: Rhetoric. (1984).

Coates, Carrol F., Professor of French and Comparative Literature, PhD, 1964, Yale University: 19th-century French poetry and novel; Francophone literature (Canadian, Caribbean, African), comparative literature. (1963)

Friedman, Randy, Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies, PhD, 2005, Brown University, American Pragmatism and Modern Jewish Thought. (2005)

Grenier, Vincent, Associate Professor of Cinema, MFA, 1972, The San Francisco Art Institute: Film production and analysis, digital video. (1986)

Kaldis, Nicholas, Assistant Professor of Chinese, PhD, l998, Ohio State University: Chinese Literature and Cinema, Chinese language. (2001)

Majer-O’Sickey, Ingeborg, Associate Professor of German, PhD, 1988, University of Texas: Comparative Literature and German; cinema and women’s studies. (1996)

McDonough, Thomas, Associate Professor of Art History, PhD, 1998, Institute of Fine Arts: History and Theory of 19th and 20th- century urbanism and architecture. (1998)

Okpewho, Isidore, Distinguished Professor, PhD, 1976, University of Denver: Classics, African literature, African-American literature, folklore and mythology, and creative writing. (1991)

Pensky, Max, Professor of Philosophy, PhD, 1989, Boston College: Contemporary continental philosophy, social and political philosophy, critical theory, philosophy of history. (1990)

Pettid, Michael, Associate Professor of Asian and Asian American Studies, PhD, 1999, University of Hawaii at Manoa: Premodern Korean literature, premodern history and daily life, women's history in premodern Korea, cultural and religious history of premodern Korea, Korean folklore. (2003)

Ross, Stephen D., Professor of Philosophy and of Comparative Literature PhD, 1961, Columbia University: Metaphysics, philosophy of art, ethics and political philosophy, contemporary continental philosophy, history of philosophy, American philosophy, environmental philosophy, feminist philosophy and cultural critique. (1967)

Spanos, William V., Distinguished Professor, PhD, 1964, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Literary theory, literature and philosophy, modern and post-modern Anglo-American and European poetry and fiction. (1966)

Stark, James, Associate Professor of Art, BS, 1968, Western Michigan University and Interlochen Arts Academy: Sculpture, assemblage, environmental works, foundry processes. (1970)

Sticca, Sandro, Professor of Italian, PhD, 1966, Columbia University:  French literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; Latin, Italian and French drama and lyric, philology, comparative literature. (1964)

Tagg, John, Professor of Art History Department, MA (RCA), 1973, Royal College of Art, London: History and theory of photography, modern European and American cultural history, contemporary critical theory (Marxism, semiotics, post-structuralism). (1986)

Tomich, Dale, Professor of Sociology and History, PhD, 1976, University of Wisconsin: Latin America and the Caribbean, world-systems, political economy, social movements. (1976)

Um, Nancy, Associate Professor of Art History, PhD, 2001, University of California, Los Angeles: Art,architecture and urbanism in the Islamic world, cultural exchange in the Indian Ocean, visual culture of migration and diaspora. (2001)

Yun, Lisa, Associate Professor of English and Asian and Asian American Studies, PhD, 1998, University of Texas: Asian Diasporic and Asian American Studies, race and culture, freedom and slavery, Black and Asian comparative studies. (1999)

Zinkin, Melissa, Associate Professor of Philosophy, PhD, 1999, Northwestern University: Kant, modern philosophy, German idealism, feminist philosophy, political philosophy. (1998)

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