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Maria Lugones

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and PIC (Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture)
Phone: 607-777.6659
Office: LT 1509

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture and of Philosophy and of Women's Studies: Ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of race and gender.

Areas of Specialization
Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Philosophy of Race and Gender, Latin American Philosophy, Theories of Resistance, Subaltern Studies, Popular Education, U.S. Latino Politics.

Other Areas of Teaching Competence
Philosophy of Law (Critical race Theory, Lat Crit), Ancient Philosophy, Logic, U.S. Latino Studies, Chicana Literature.

Ph.D., Department of Philosophy. Minor in Political Science. University of Wisconsin, Madison 1978. Dissertation: Morality and Personal Relations

M.A., Department of Philosophy. University of Wisconsin, Madison 1973

B.A., Department of Philosophy. University of California, Los Angeles. Graduated magna cum laude. 1969

Professional Organizations
Society for Women in Philosophy, Midwest Division.

American Philosophical Association.

AAMEF, Asociación Argentina de Mujeres en Filosofía. Founding member.

Escuela Popular Norteña; a folk-school dedicated to the creation and promotion of movement among raza in the USA, Founding member and teacher (Ad honorem).

"Problems of translation in Postcolonial Thinking." Anthropology News. April 2003. With Joshua Price.

"The Inseparability of race, class, and gender." Latino Studies Journal. Vol. I #1, Fall 2003. With Joshua Price.

"Strategies of the Chicana Lesbian" edited by Ma. Louise Keating (forthcoming).

Peregrinajes/Pilgrimages: Theorizing Coalition Against Multiple Oppressions. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Press, 2003.

"Impure Communities" in Diversity and Community: An Interdisciplinary Reader, edited by Philip Anderson. 2002. Oxford: Blackwell.

"On Maria Pia Lara's Moral Structures," Hypatia, Fall 2000.

"Wicked Cab: on the Authority of Improper Words" In Essays in Honor of Mary Daly. Edited by Marilyn Frye and Sarah Lucia Hoagland. Routledge, 2000.

"Tenuous Connections in Impure Communities" Journal of Environmental Ethics, 1999.

"The Discontinuous Passing of the Cachapera/Tortillera from the barrio to the bar to the Movement." In Daring To Be Good: Feminist Essays in Ethico-Politics. Edited by Ami Bar-On and Aim Ferguson. New York: Routledge, 1998.

"Motion, Stasis, and Resistance to Interlocked Oppressions." In Making Worlds: Gender, Metaphor, Materiality. Edited by Susan Hardy Aiken, Tucson: The University of Arizona Press. 1998.

"Enticements and Dangers of Community for a Radical Politics." In Blackwell Companion to Feminist Philosophy. Edited by Iris Young and Alison Jaggar. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1998.

"Hard to Handle Anger." In Overcoming Racism and Sexism. Rowman & Littlefield, 1996.

And others.

Research Workshops
"Methodologies of Resistant Negotiation." The group has developed theory of resistance, published numerous papers, and organized several dialogues with invited guests, including political theorists, community organizers, activists, transnational workers, popular educators, social scientists.

"US Latino Studies." I began this workshop; right now Michael Hames Garcia is the coordinator.

"Politics of Women of Color." This workshop was conceived in 2001 by a group of women faculty of color and women graduate students of color. It is co-organized. Carmen Ferradas is the coordinator.

Administrative Experience
Binghamton University:
Women's Studies Program Committee (Joint Appointment) 1997 - present
Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program, Director 1993 - 1999. Member, 1999-present.
E.O.P. Advisory Committee 1998 - present
University Senate. 2001.
Harpur College Ad Hoc Diversity Task Force 1993-4
Harpur College Ad Hoc Implementation Committee 1995
Harpur College Curriculum Committee 1998 - present
Education and Human Development Diversity Committee 1994 - present
Education and Human Development Personnel Committee 1997 - present
International Advisory Committee 1995 - present
National Women ~ Studies Association: Chicana/Latina Task Force 1985-8

Carleton College:
Women's Studies Program Committee 1978-89
Philosophy Department Chair 1982-83; 1984-86; 1990
Third World Advisory Council 1975-76
Affirmative Action Committee 1980-6
Tenure Advisory Committee. 1980-5
Faculty Affairs Committee. 1978-82
Latin American Studies Program Committee. 1985-90
Fellowship and Honorary Degrees Committee. 1988-90
Academic Standing Committee. 1984-9
Sexual Harassment Task Force: task force formed to draft a sexual harassment policy for the College. 1981-3
Third World Faculty Council, 1980-1992
Distinguished Women Visitors Committee 1979-92

Faculty Training and Curriculum Reform

I directed of the Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies program at SUINY Binghamton since 1993. I worked to move the program from the more traditional "warehouse" of courses to a rigorous, structured, and coherent truly interdisciplinary undergraduate program. The major now allows the student to concentrate on either the Caribbean (English, Dutch, Francophone, Spanish) or Latin America or Latinos in the U.S. At the center of the major is a term of field work in one of the sites of concentration in connection with organizations that work for social change. Students work with a LACAS faculty member for a term designing a research project, carry out the research in Latin America, the Caribbean, or a U.S. Latino community and return to Binghamton to write up the research. I have also done all the necessary work towards a LACAS Graduate Center for Research and Pedagogy. The Center will allow faculty and graduate students to carry out joint projects of research, study groups, and seminars. Current projects include research on multilingual pedagogy, on understandings of diaspora and diasporic studies, research on popular education in Latin America, study groups on postcoloniality and the Caribbean. The LACAS Center for Research and Pedagogy has been under construction and discussion for three years and it will be institutionalized within the next year.

Since the Spring of 1997 I conducted faculty retraining on multicultural methodologies for faculty in the Human Development Division at Binghamton University. The work consisted of two retreats and bi-weekly working meetings. I provided bibliography, prepared talks, and organized the meetings. Faculty in Human Development read and discussed the materials and developed projects of their own using multicultural methodologies.

Carleton College:
1978-89 Women's Studies Program Committee. Co-wrote FIPSE grant. Retrained faculty and designed new courses in Women's Studies. Organized and led one-term faculty seminar on feminist philosophy and one term faculty seminar on racism and sexism.

1980 Received grant from Mellon Fund for "experiential" teaching. Co-wrote report based on experience entitled "Affirmative Action and Curricular Reform" which included analysis, suggestions for reform, and list of resources. Resulted in formation of a standing committee.

1985 Participant in effort at University of Minnesota to pass a US Cultural Pluralism requirement. Gave public talk, shared work done at Carleton College.

1987 Participated in formation of a joint subcommittee formed by Women's Studies Program and Third World Faculty Council to introduce requirement at Carleton College, a requirement which we entitled "Recognition and Affirmation of Difference." The requirement was adopted by Carleton College in the Spring of 1989.

Contact Info
Office: Library Tower 1509
Phone: (607) 777-6659

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